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Should I Cut The Babies Off My Spider Plant?

The spider plant has the botanical name Chlorophytum comosum, and is considered a beginner-friendly plant because of its adaptable and tolerable nature.

As the name suggests, the foliage of this plant is spider-like, and the plant also produces babies called ‘spider plants babies’ or ‘spiderettes,’ which dangle down from the mother plant like spiders on a web.

Now, once your spider plant matures and starts producing spiderettes or babies, the decision to cut them off is entirely up to you. But should I cut the babies off my spider plant?

Well, it totally depends on what you want! You can either put the spiderettes to good use or cut them off. Either way, it has no severe consequences on the mother plant.

Should I Cut the Babies Off My Spider Plant?

Yes, you can cut the babies off your spider plants if you wish.

Sometimes the babies can make your spider plants look too messy and also take up too much space. If such is the case, please go ahead and cut them off.

But be careful with where and how you cut baby plants not to destroy the mother plant. Start with disinfecting a pair of pruning shears and then cut the shoot with it. Cut as close to the base of the mother plant as you can.

Once you’ve successfully removed the spider plant babies, what you do them is entirely up to you. You can either propagate the babies or discard them.

Although, we recommend that you propagate them and gift them to friends and family members. A spider plant in a cute animal pot is a perfect unforgettable gift.

Alternatively, you can also donate the plant. Conclusively, what you do with the spider plant babies is entirely up to you!

Just make sure that you cut off the babies with sterilized pruning shears. You don’t want the mother spider plant suffering from some bacteria or fungi infection.

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Can I Leave the Babies on My Spider Plant?

Should I Cut The Babies Off My Spider Plant

Of course, you can. Leaving the babies on the spider plants will not harm the environment or even the mother plant.

However, note that leaving the babies on the spider plants means that you have to provide extra nutrients to the mother plant.

The babies can absorb all of the mother’s nutrients and water. So, you should consider frequent fertilization if you wish to leave the babies on the spider plants.

Fertilize twice a month consistently and water the mother plant with distilled water or tap water that is safe for plants.

If you’re hanging your spider plant, another thing to consider is that leaving the babies on the spider plants will make the pot a bit too heavy to hang.

But this can easily be remedied once you add a pot pedestal to the parent plant. One thing is certain; the babies have a way of adding an extra boost to the aesthetics of the plant.

Growing Baby Spider Plant

Remember we said it is safe to cut off baby spider plants and propagate them. Once you cut off the babies, please place them in a pot of soil and water frequently. The pot should be placed in a ventilated plastic bag and put in until the babies are well-rooted.

Alternatively, you can leave the babies attached to the mother plant and plant them in a pot sitting close to the mother plant. In a few days, the baby plant will take root on its own, and it can be removed from the mother.

Caring For Baby Spider Plants

Spider plants are adaptable plants that can withstand severe conditions. The tips below will ensure that the baby spider plants survive and become almost as tolerant as the mother plant.

  • Use a lightweight potting mix for the babies
  • Make sure that the pot used has the drainage holes
  • Fertilize the new plant twice a month. Do not be tempted to overfertilize
  • Keep the babies out of direct sunlight
  • Water the babies more frequently in the spring and summertime
  • Remove off brown discs with your fingernails
  • Check the babies for mealybugs regularly
  • Tone down on fertilizing during the winter months