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Philodendron Hope Vs Selloum (Difference & Similarities)

Many years ago, science discovered two different plants, namely, Philodendron Selloum and Philodendron Hope (philodendron bipinnatifidum), but subsequently found out that there’s little or no difference between them both, so they were merged as one.

The philodendron hope grows a tree-like trunk and aerial roots, which extend towards the ground to anchor it while it grows.

The philodendron selloum has deeply lobed leaves that can grow up to almost 5 feet under normal conditions, but when kept indoors, it can give an absolute tropical feel to any room.

Now, let’s quickly look at Philodendron Hope vs Selloum to see how they differ from each other.

What is Philodendron Selloum?

The philodendron selloum, also called tree philodendron or lacy tree philodendron, is a houseplant grown in most U.S regions. It is a tropical plant native to South America, and when you grow it outdoors, it can grow up to 15 feet tall.

Its primary feature is the large, glossy, deep green leaves that deliver the main accent in a bigger room or protect a group of smaller plants.

What Is Philodendron Hope?

The philodendron hope, also known as philodendron bipinnatifidum, is an attractive, easy maintenance houseplant that guarantees yearlong beauty with its fantastic foliage and complete silhouette.

They are native to regions in South America like Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay, and it thrives best in a tropical, humid environment.

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Philodendron Hope Vs Selloum

Philodendron HopePhilodendron Selloum
Smaller-sized ThaumatophyllumLarger-sized Thaumatophyllum  
Maximum growth is around 4 feetMaximum growth is about 15 feet  
Not commonly foundCommonly found  
  It can never climb because of its dwarf nature.  If not properly checked or cared for, it can climb or dominate other plants because of its more extended height.  

Differences Between Philodendron Hope and Philodendron Selloum

Indeed, there’s nothing much that differentiates the philodendron hope from the philodendron selloum. However, we will try to highlight the key difference(s) between both plants.

The philodendron hope is a split-leaf philodendron variety that grows to 4 feet and is a perfect tropical accent for any size South Florida garden or compound.

It is a plant that thrives in the sun and shade and a versatile garden addition that can set off ho-hum landscaping with a lush look of the tropics. Unlike some other variety, like the selloum, hope doesn’t climb.

On the other hand, the philodendron selloum is a houseplant mostly grown in most U.S regions.

And while it is also an ideal tropical plant native to South America, unlike hope, it can grow up to 15feet in height, primarily when outdoors, and when grown indoors helps to protect a group of smaller plants because of its large glossy, deep green leaves.

Also, while the philodendron selloum can climb whatever is close to it, mainly when it is not given proper attention (like constant pruning), given its tall nature, the philodendron hope variety doesn’t climb.

Another critical difference between these two is that hope is a smaller hybrid of the selloum. In other words, selloum is more significant in size than hope.

Also, the philodendron hope is not as common as the philodendron selloum. In other words, the selloum is more accessible to find, because it is everywhere, compared to hope, which you cannot easily see, hence, your nursery may have to order it for you.

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How are Philodendron Hope and Selloum Similar?

Philodendron Hope Vs Selloum

Well, the philodendron hope and philodendron selloum are similar in many ways. They are more alike than they are different.

When it was discovered that these two plants were identical, they were both merged to become one plant called “Thaumatophyllum” (a name which roughly translates to “Wonder Leaf”).

Also, both are floor plants that you can easily maintain. They possess dark green, shiny leaves with large and deep lobes.

They are also both ideal tropical plants native to South America. They are classic armchair gardener favorites, demanding a little food and water, cutting off a spent leaf stem now, and nothing more.

Although the hope is a smaller version or hybrid of selloum yet, like the latter, it possesses large, deeply divided leaves that have wavy edges.

And when grown outside, they both keep a tree-like appearance and are suitable in moderate environmental conditions (not too hot and not too cold).

What’s Better About Philodendron Hope?

Philodendron Hope is better at tolerating high light conditions indoors; however, it will likely need periodic fertilizer applications to avoid nutrient deficiencies, and chlorosis since lots of light causes an increase in growth and productivity.

It also enjoys a balance of moist and dry soil. In other words, a little watering always will do.

What’s Better About Philodendron Selloum?

Philodendron selloum is better with medium lighting conditions. However, it can thrive in high lighting conditions when given extra care.

It is also better when rotated periodically to ensure even growth on all sides. It thrives better in a large room because it stands a greater chance of growing complete and robust in a location with plenty of space.


Generally, philodendron hope vs. philodendron selloum highlighted above indicates that both plants are similar in many ways. The former is a hybrid of the latter, and they all demand the exact weather condition, spacious location, and care factor to survive. 

In addition to that, they were discovered to be the same; hence they were merged to give birth to a common name, Thaumatophyllum.

These plants are beautiful, appealing plants that are easy to maintain. Given the critical attention, it will give your surroundings the glow and majestic look you ever desired.

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