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How Long Do Raspberries Take To Grow from Seed?

Raspberries are known for their easy growth and beauty, as well as their sweet taste. They contain a large number of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

It’s easy to grow raspberries from seed, and it’s less expensive than buying raspberry canes at the nursery or garden center.

That’s not all, growing raspberries from seed also fetch you many plants, which means you are sure of numerous supplies of fresh raspberries during harvest. But, how long do raspberries take to grow from seed?

Well, raspberries can take a bit longer to grow from seed, between four to six weeks, which means you can expect the plant to produce fruit within 16-18 months after the initial planting.

First, how do you grow raspberries from seed?

Let’s quickly find out!

How To Grow Raspberries From Seed

There are specific steps you will have to undertake to grow raspberries from seed. You have to follow the step by step method below for easy raspberry growth.

  • To grow raspberries from seeds, first of all, the roots in a plastic peat pot start in mid-winter.
  • Push the seeds about one inch deep into the soil, and sow the seeds about one inch apart from one another.
  • Cover your raspberry seeds using at least a thin layer of sand.
  • Store in a dark and cool place indoors, for instance, a pantry or even a garage.
  • Ensure that you keep the seeds moist by sprinkling them with a spray bottle as required.
  • Immediately temperatures reach above 60F, remove your raspberry pot from within and keep them outdoors.
  • After 4-6 weeks, you should be expecting the seeds to sprout and start germinating.
  • Immediately they’ve started to grow leaves and have developed around an inch of height, transplant them in a bigger pot or the garden.
  • Immediately after transplanting, quickly cover the base around the plant with mulch, as it will help keep the soil nice and moist.
  • Then ensure steady watering to enhance healthy growth conditions.

We have been able to highlight the ways you should adopt to ensure the healthy growth of raspberries.

Once you have followed the steps listed above in an orderly manner, you should expect a quick and healthy harvest of your raspberries.

Meanwhile, let’s go back to the topic of the day; how long do raspberries take to grow from seeds?

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How Long Do Raspberries Take To Grow from Seeds?

Well, as we mentioned earlier, growing raspberries from seed is easy to do, and we have shown you the steps to raise them to yield a better harvest.

It is much cheaper than buying already grown raspberries in the form of raspberry canes at the nursery or garden center.

However, the other side of growing raspberries from seed is that it delays a little bit in its growth.

The growing season for raspberries begins in early spring to mid-spring, during which temperatures are within the ranges of 60° to 70° Fahrenheit (about 16° Celsius). Then, it can take between four to six weeks before it will start to germinate. 

In other words, you can only expect the plant to produce fruit during 16-18 months after its first planting. You shouldn’t expect it to bear fruit within one year.

Meanwhile, while raspberries need water or moisture to grow fast and healthy, gardeners should note that it doesn’t require excess water. 

Therefore, be careful not to apply or sprinkle them with an excess of it. When you follow due procedure and proper care, it will only take about four weeks for raspberries to start germinating and as long as six weeks for the first ones to sprout.

So, it requires a lot of patience. Meanwhile, there is one appealing question that gardeners often ask; where do raspberries grow best?

Where Do Raspberries Grow Best?

How Long Do Raspberries Take To Grow from Seed

Quite simply, for raspberries to grow very well and yield a good harvest, it will require a sunny area. In other words, the area that is best suitable for their growth is a bright area or position, where they will get the constant and enough effect of sunlight.

However, contrary to several other fruits, they can also grow well in a partially-shaded area or position, although the more sunlight they receive, the more fruit they produce.

Also, the planting position requires very vibrant and well-drained soil, enough air circulation, and shelter from extreme wind.

We will be summarizing this article by giving you brief highlights of the care factor of raspberries. In other words, how you are to tend or care for your raspberry plants to ensure their healthy growth and production of edible fruits. 

How To Care For Raspberry Plants

  • Ensure it gets enough sunlight.
  • Do not mix up with other fruits and plants like vegetables.
  • Keep seeds about one inch or 2-3 feet apart from one another.
  • Water them at least once in two weeks, except for dry weather conditions.
  • Prune at least once a year.
  • Apply few inches of compost or organic fertilizer every late winter.
  • Harvest of raspberries should be done during late summer or early fall and should be done in the morning

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