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Why Is My Coleus Wilting? (Key Causes + Fixes)

Why is my coleus wilting, and what can I do to stop this from happening?

Coleus usually wilts due to insufficient watering, excess heat, and pests and diseases, such as downy mildew. Although the coleus is widely known for its ability to resist several diseases and pests, it sometimes falls preys.

In most “coleus wilting cases,” the solution is almost always watering. So, even if you’ve got the most critical Coleus wilting case where the leaves have turned hardy, dry, and droopy, a therapeutic watering approach might just be the answer.

In this article, we will help you understand what exactly is making your coleus plant wilt and what you can do to save your wilting coleus plant.

Why Is My Coleus Wilting?

Aside from underwatering, coleus plants can also die from excess watering. When excessively watered, the coleus plant will first yellow before it dies.

You also have to be very cautious with the frequency of watering for the plant. The coleus is not all the way delicate. If you play the right cards, taking care of the plant would be hitch-free.

But wilting is essentially the loss of rigidity in the non-wood part of a plant. In coleus, witling is usually caused by loss of water, heat, and diseases.

Although rare, the downy mildew is an example of a serious causative of wilting in the Coleus plant. The common pathogen responsible for the downy mildew in coleus includes Bremia and Peronospora.

But in addition to droopy leaves, the downy mildew manifest spotted leaves, stunted growth, and powdery substance under the leaves.

During propagation, it’s important to inspect the leaves for infection with symptoms similar to what we mentioned above, as plants with these symptoms cannot be cured.

Wilting can also be caused by mishandling of the Coleus plant before potting. Note that the best time to propagate the coleus is during the early hour of the day before sunrise or late in the evening after sunsets. Propagating at midday might cause complications and wilt in its extreme.

Coleus is primarily susceptible to some outdoor pests. These include; young rabbit and a groundhog. This vulnerability occurs at the early planting stage, and if you can protect your coleus while it’s young, this would reduce the possibility of wilting.

Ultimately, lack of sufficient water is a major cause of wilting in the Coleus plants. And if you want to help your plant survive, this guide is for you.

How to Save Coleus Plant From Wilting

Why Is My Coleus Wilting

Giving your Coleus plant too much water than needed is no good, and neither is giving your plant less water than needed. Where is the balance, right?

For excess watering, the Coleus plant leaves turn yellow, and the leaves are wildly droopy. But hard and yellow in insufficient cases. Ideally, only the Coleus plant outdoor should be watered twice a day, and the indoor Coleus plant should be watered once every 2-3 days.

That’s the magical formula! If you are doing it wrong, you should change to what works before you lose your Coleus plant.

Indoor potting should be done appropriately. Do not use small pots in hopes of changing into bigger pots. For Coleus plants, it’s best to use pots that your plants can grow into.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my coleus cutting drooping?

Coleus leaves only turn yellow and droopy when it is overwatered. So in the case where your Coleus leaves are droopy, you should reduce or cut off watering until your plant condition improves.

How do you cure plant wilting?

There are several reasons why your plant might wilt. The first step towards finding a solution includes finding the cause of wilting. If it’s underwatering, you should increase the frequency of your watering.

Does coleus like sun or shade?

The Coleus plant loves shades. High-intensity light or the scorching sun does not do the coleus any good. However, leaving the plants in the dark shade does no good either, as the coleus would lose its color under such conditions.

Can coleus survive indoors?

Yes, it can. But you have to find a balance of lighting for the plant as the dark interior does the plant no good.

How many hours of sun does coleus need?

The Coleus plant requires 6 hours of sunlight from the early morning sun. Anything more could be detrimental to your plant survival.