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Will Vinegar Kill Aphids on Hibiscus? (How Does It Work?)

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There are various methods that can be used to get rid of aphids on hibiscus plants. But will vinegar kill aphids on hibiscus? Yes, vinegar can get rid of aphids – and this post will explain to you exactly how to use vinegar to get rid of aphids on hibiscus plants.

Hibiscus plants have become a favorite among people. The plant adds color to either your garden, home, or even office. It’s also an additional benefit that the plant is easy to care for.

Aphids are; however, is one of the biggest threats to the beautiful hibiscus plant. Aphids can weaken hibiscus plants by sapping out all the nutrients in the plant, which will ever lead to the plant’s death.

Will Vinegar Kill Aphids on Hibiscus?

Will Vinegar Kill Aphids on Hibiscus

Yes, there are various methods that can be used to get rid of aphids on hibiscus, and vinegar is one of those recommended methods.

The use of chemical pesticides in getting rid of pests is usually frowned upon by experienced gardeners. These chemicals end up killing beneficial insects like ladybugs that are useful to such plants.

To use vinegar to get rid of aphid, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Get an empty gallon-sized water jug and fill it with water
  2. Add sugar and vinegar to the gallon of water
  3. Chop a banana peel into small 1-inch pieces and add it to the mixture.
  4. Hang the jug with the lid off near your hibiscus for a week. The mixture will attract all the aphids away from your hibiscus.

Sign of Aphids on Hibiscus Plants

Luckily, it is quite easy to find out if you’re dealing with an aphid infestation. Once your hibiscus leaves start to curl and small greenish insects on the stems of your hibiscus plant, it’s quite probable that you’re dealing with an aphid infestation.

Aphids cause damage to plants by sapping out nutrients from the plants with their adapted mouthparts. These leaves the plants weakened and damages.

Also, aphids leave behind sticky residues and excrete, which can serve as a breeding ground for viruses.

Other noticeable signs of aphids on your hibiscus plants are:

  • Leaves turning yellow and falling off
  • Black, fungal-like growth on the plant
  • Small holes in leaves
  • Flower buds failing to open
  • Sticky spots on the plant
  • Stunted shoots

How to Get Rid of Aphids on Hibiscus Plants

As mentioned, using chemical pesticides on your plant is not recommended. If you must apply pesticide, it should be a last resort when other options failed to get rid of the pests.

Some of these methods are outlined below.

1. Use A Garden Hose to Flush the Aphids Off

The garden hose method is usually applied at the early stage of the infestation. The aphids could easily be flushed away because they are not so populated.

The force of the garden hose will dislodge them from the leaves, stems, and buds of your hibiscus plant.

Target the area with aphids to dislodge as many of the pests as possible. Do this often until the aphids lose energy and die off.

2. Use Neem Oil

When it comes to natural insecticides, insecticidal soaps and neem oil are great ways to eliminate common household pests. Neem oil can also be a great way to control fungal infections.

When spraying neem solution on your hibiscus, make sure it comes in contact with the aphids. You will need to repeat the treatment at least two times a week for effective results.

3. Spray Soap Solution

Either a liquid dishwasher or detergent can be used in getting rid of aphids. Simply mix the detergent or dishwasher in water.

Stir the solution and transfer it to a spray can. Spray directly on the hibiscus leaves, stems, and flower buds where the aphids stick to get rid of them.


Aphids’ infestation is quite natural with hibiscus plants. Fortunately, there are various methods of getting rid of the pest.

You will need to be consistent if you are keen on getting rid of the pest. You can combine the method outlined in this post for effective results.

This post has successfully answered the question, will vinegar kill aphids on hibiscus? Using vinegar on hibiscus to get rid of aphids has proven to be a safe and healthy way to get rid of the pests.

Nothing stops you from combining the vinegar method with other methods discussed here.

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