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Can You Plant Dill From the Grocery Store?

Dill is an annual, easy-to-grow, edible plant that is known for its aromatic nature. Suppose you are looking for a herb to upgrade your culinary skills and make your meal flavorful. Then dill it your go to buddy.

Excitingly, you can plant dill in several ways, but what about store-bought dill? Can you plant dill from the grocery store? Yes, just like every other herb, you can grow dill from the grocery store and the process is entirely effortless.

In this guide, you’re going to learn how to choose the dill to plant from the grocery store and how to grow dill from store-bought.

Let’s get started!

Why You Should Have Dill In Your Garden

Every part of the dill from stems to leaves, flowers, and seeds are edible.

You can use it for salads, soups, and fish. You could even use it for tea. This plant is not suitable for kitchen use only. Health practitioners recommend this herb because of its numerous health benefits.

It helps to relieve many ailments. Women could use dill to treat ‘menstrual disorder.’ More so, it helps lactating mothers produce milk. Amazing herb!

Before you plant dill, it is essential to know about its susceptibility to freeze and frost.

However, dill is such a forgiving plant so, if you must have any plant to experiment with, go for a dill because its easy-going nature will forgive your excesses and still reward your little efforts with bountiful harvest.

Now your hands must be itching to plant this marvelous herb. You ask, can I get and plant dill from the grocery store?

Let’s find out!

Can You Plant Dill From the Grocery Store?

Can You Plant Dill From the Grocery Store

You can grow just about any herb from the grocery store, from sage, bell peppers, to any other plant you can think of, dill inclusive.

So, yes! You can plant dill from the grocery store. You’ll only need to be careful not to mistake ‘fennel’ for dill, out of excitement, hilarious. Well, of truth, they both can be pretty confusing.

More so, you might encounter some issues if you get to choose the wrong dill. So you’ll need a guide to choose the right dill so you can plant, keep, and enjoy them!

Below is how to choose the right dill to plant from the grocery store:

How to Choose Dill From the Grocery Store

  • Choose a healthy herb: For best results, go for the healthy herb. Avoid dill with discolored, wilted leaves, damaged or broken stems.
  • Go for the latest herb: You also want to pick the latest herb if they have dates on them. Be bold to ask for the freshest herb.

Even if the plant seems healthy, check if it’s overgrown or tangled. You’ll have to be picky when choosing your dill because to see the goodness of your new plant, you need to grow one that has a relatable amount of leaves on the stem.

Now that you know how to get yourself some healthy dill, let’s quickly look at how to plant dill from the grocery store:

How to Plant Dill From the Grocery Store

Growing dill is so easy. However, planting dill from the grocery store might seem like “a hard nut to crack.” Why?

Most of the herbs you get from grocery stores are grown hydroponically. And because these plants do not get any exposure to soil, they may find it hard to grow in any other medium, even if you introduce it to a more favorable environment. 

To plant dill from the grocery store. Follow these steps:

  • Take out the leaves from the bottom of the dill 3-4. Get a clean jar, transparent preferably.
  • Fill the jar with water. Then put the stem.
  • Place it on a Windowsill.
  • Make sure you pour the water to a level so half of the stem surfaces in the jar.
  • After about two weeks. You’ll see some roots shoot out.
  • Then you are ready to plant in soil. Use Sandy and dry with a perfect potting mix; compost and perlite.

Here are a few tips for caring for your dill.

How to Care For Dill Plant

  • Use large pots. Make sure they have good drainage.
  • Though dill needs full sunlight. Dill will grow in good soil under dry and wet conditions. Like sage, it needs 6-8 hours of sunlight a day.
  • Water the plant consistently during the warmest part of summer.
  • Dill is one of the plants that might suffer from plant shock if you transplant it.
  • The plant might not invite a lot of guests. But look out for carrot red leaf motley. However, you can avoid the fuss by not planting near carrot plants. Cucumber is ideal if you need to plant near any other plant.
  • Avoid excess fertilization. And remember to care for your plant! Yes, it is a forgiving plant, and you can experiment with it but do that with care.

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Now that you have the answer to your eternal question, “can you plant dill from the grocery store”?

Getting the dill should not be difficult since you already know how to get the right dill. Remember, “Be bold to ask for the freshest herb.”

Suppose you follow this guide intently and care for your plant. You’ll successfully plant your dill and reap every benefit dill has got to offer.

There is a chance that you’ll plant your dill well; now, you are excited about it and cannot wait to keep one.

Hopefully, you have all the fun planting your dill from the grocery store!