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Do Cactus Like Humidity? (What You Must Know!)

Cacti are desert plants and survive in the dry desert heat. In recent times, cacti have been adopted as domestic plants and can be found growing on windowsills, outdoor gardens, hanging planters, and container displays.

But do cactus like humidity? Cacti thrives better in conditions with enough airflow and low humidity. However, many cacti can survive in higher humidity habitats but still can’t endure extremely humid environment.

However, as a gardener, you will need to do additional research on the humidity requirement of your cacti for them to have a long, healthy life. That’s exactly where this post will be pretty helpful to you.

Do Cactus Like Humidity?

Do Cactus Like Humidity

Like we stated earlier, cacti thrives better in conditions with enough airflow and low humidity and cannot survive in extremely humid environment.

While cacti are known to be easy to take care of, most gardeners battle with maintaining the ideal humidity for their cacti plants, especially when the cacti are planted indoors.

The relative humidity for most cacti species ranges between 40%-60%. Some desert cacti species may still be okay with a humidity of below 40%, although the humidity level should range between 40%-60%.

For your indoor cacti, you will need a hygrometer to measure the relative humidity of different parts of your house before deciding where to position your plant.

Keep in mind that your cacti plant will not survive any form of artificial heating in your house.

How Humidity Affects Cacti

Generally, succulents do not like humidity. It follows that cactus being a succulent plant, cannot thrive in humid weather. High humidity will lead to fungal problems, which end in rot and your plant losing leaves and often dying.

If your cacti struggle with the humidity level, all you have to do is mist it slightly, and everything will be okay.

When your cacti plants start to turn yellow and their flowers wither away, it might be a sign of low humidity. Your cacti suffer from high humidity when you begin to notice mold on the plant’s stem.

How To Care For Indoor Cacti

You can easily purchase your cacti plants at plant shops, garden stores, florists, and grocery and discount stores.

Some popular species of the household cacti plants are the star cactus, golden barrel, old man, bishop’s cap, bunny ears, rat-tail, pincushion, Turk’s cap, and ball cactus.

Cacti make great indoor plants and are loved by most people who don’t have time to fuss over plants.

While it is agreed that the plants are low maintenance, you will still need to take some active steps to ensure that your cacti not only survive but thrives.

1. Provide Adequate Light

While cacti are well-known desert plants that can adapt to growing in arid conditions, it follows that the plants will thrive best in bright spots, which is usually the case with most succulents.

During winter, you are encouraged to position your cactus near a south or east-facing window.

Knowing that different cactus species might have their ideal light requirements, you will have to do adequate research to provide your cactus with its ideal light requirements.

2. Provide the Ideal Temperature

For your indoor cactus plants, knowing that different rooms in your home have varying temperatures, you need to make sure you are providing your plant with the right temperature at all times.

Most cacti species thrive in relatively warmer temperatures between 65oF and 90oF.

3. Water in Accordance with The Weather

As already emphasized in this post, cacti are not big fans of humidity; thus, you will have to water with caution.

In cloudy weather, cease watering the plant and water actively during spring and summer, allowing excess water to drain. 

4. Fertilize

Use a liquid fertilizer on your cacti several times during the growth period. Make sure to use a completely balanced fertilizer, or look for a fertilizer labeled for cacti and succulents. 


Naturally, cacti our outdoor plants – but the unique nature of the plants have made them great indoor plants.

Cacti plants are well-loved by all because it adds incredible beauty to spaces and brings a fulfilling visual display to your indoor spaces.

Caring for your cacti plants will result in questions like, Do cactus like humidity? Now you know that the tolerable plants are not exactly big fans of high humidity, which means that you will have to take some active steps to ensure your cactus plant thrives.

We hope this post will be of tremendous help to you in caring for cacti plants.

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