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Do Coffee Grounds Keep Squirrels Away?

Squirrels can be entertaining to watch from a distance as they flit through the woods, scampering around with reckless abandon. But the bad news is that these seemingly fun animals can cause significant harm to gardens in your yard.

But apart from the fun of watching it, squirrels can also be a disturbance for plants, which is why you need to always find ways to keep them away from your garden. But do coffee grounds keep squirrels away?

While there are numerous home treatments you may try to keep squirrels away, one of the simplest is something you probably already have in abundance in your home – coffee grounds.

Squirrels and many other animals dislike the scent of coffee, which is fantastic news for people who want to keep them out of a particular region.

In this article, we will cover ways and methods coffee grounds can be used to repel squirrels.

Do Coffee Grounds Keep Squirrels Away?

Do Coffee Grounds Keep Squirrels Away

Can coffee grounds truly keep squirrels out of our green space, you might ask? Coffee grinds can be used to keep squirrels out of your garden. The reason behind this is because squirrels dislike the smell of coffee grounds.

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You can use any coffee grounds to get rid of squirrels in your garden – it could be either regular or decaf coffee. You don’t have to use fresh coffee grounds to keep squirrels away. You need to use coffee grounds consistently to get rid of these scavengers.

Coffee grounds act as natural pesticides for animals that wreak havoc on plants, and it’s definitely your surest bet when it comes to keeping your garden safe.

As mentioned earlier, both decaf and regular coffee are effective in deterring squirrels. All you need to do is place the coffee grinds in the correct amount and location.

If you consume coffee regularly, you can use the grounds in the garden. If you are not a frequent coffee drinker, get your grounds from a nearby coffee shop.

Let’s figure out how to use coffee grinds in your garden to deter squirrels.

  1. Sprinkle a one-inch layer of coffee ground on the garden soil.
  2. Spread the grounds on the potted plant as well.
  3. Place coffee grounds in areas where squirrels cause the greatest damage.
  4. Spread around the bird feeders to keep squirrels at bay.
  5. Replace the coffee grounds once a week or every few days if necessary.

Some gardeners add coffee grounds to their compost pile. But this should be done with caution as coffee grounds can interfere with the ph. Level of your soil and end up harming your plant.

Do not cover your garden with a thick coating of coffee grounds. The heavy covering may aid in the growth of molds, which are detrimental to plants.

Note that Coffee grounds do repel not only squirrels but also other annoying animals like chipmunks, deer, and snails.

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Benefits of Using Coffee Grounds to Deter Squirrels

  • Coffee grounds are an easy and affordable technique to dissuade squirrels from digging up your garden or raiding your bird feeders in your yard.
  • Most importantly, the coffee ground method is quite affordable. Even if no one in your household drinks coffee, many coffee businesses will free give away used coffee grounds.
  • Some plants benefit from the nutrients and acidity in coffee grounds, so depending on where you scatter them, you may be helping them flourish as well. However, make sure to examine the soil preferences of the plants you’re spreading them near first — some plants deteriorate if they come close to coffee grounds.
  • Coffee grounds have a much pleasant odor than some other deterrents!
  • And lastly, other animals may be deterred by coffee, such as deer, chipmunks, and even snails.

Disadvantages of Using Coffee Grounds to Prevent Squirrels

  • This method might be a bit tasking since you will have to refill the coffee grounds regularly for it to be successful.
  • Also, while coffee may give some deterrence, it may not be as effective as other methods for keeping squirrels away.
  • If you have dogs or cats that roam around your yard, you don’t want them to ingest coffee grounds. Coffee grounds, in high enough quantities, can be poisonous and even lethal to dogs.

Are Coffee Grounds Bad for Your Plants?

It’s difficult to know what to use to repel pests without harming your plants. However, coffee grounds are beneficial to plants so that you can use them in your garden. This is because they contain extra minerals that help plants grow well when introduced to the soil.

Also, when introduced to the soil, coffee grounds attract worms that are beneficial to the soil. The worms, in turn, attract birds and other pollinators, which ultimately help your garden host and maintain a healthy environment.

Note that not all plants will benefit from the introduction of coffee grounds. Plants like lavender, orchids, cactus, etc., do not thrive on acidic soil and thus will die when coffee grounds are added.

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