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Will Mothballs Keep Squirrels Out Of Flower Pots?

Squirrels are, without a doubt, known to have this charm that surrounds them! You might even find out that you enjoy watching them run around. However, if you enjoy gardening, these animals are your worst nightmare!

But will mothballs keep squirrels out of flower pots? Yes, mothballs can be used in repelling squirrels.

You don’t need to be concerned that squirrels will consume the mothballs, but rather the strong scent of mothballs will deter them from coming close to your flower pots.

In this post, we will go over all of the efficient methods for keeping squirrels away from your plants. By the end of this article, you will never have to clean up broken pots again!

What Causes Squirrels to Destroy Flower Pots?

How come these cute creatures can be so destructive? Well, let’s take a look.

Squirrels excavate holes to keep their food fresh. For example, if squirrels find an acorn that they will not consume for a long time, they will preserve it for later.

As a result, the creatures will dig holes in your flower pot since they believe it is the safest area to store food. Furthermore, the potted plant is easier to dig than the packed and dense mud of any garden.

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Will Mothballs Keep Squirrels Out Of Flower Pots?

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Now it’s time to answer the question of whether mothballs can keep squirrels away. As already mentioned above, mothballs can be used in keeping squirrels away from your flower pots.

Mothballs have one of the most repulsive odors for squirrels! It functions as a deterrent; therefore, you can use it to get rid of this problem!

Simply place some mothballs in the area that the squirrels frequent. However, every week, you must replace the mothballs with new ones.

Don’t be concerned that the mothballs will kill the squirrels – squirrels do not consume mothballs. Rather the smell of the mothballs alone is enough to keep the squirrels away.

How Do Squirrels Affect Your Potted Plants?

To be honest, there would have been no complaints if the creatures were content with digging holes in your pots.

However, squirrels will chew your plants and cause lasting damage, which is why we are so determined to find ways to avoid this issue!

First and foremost, they will dig up the newly planted stems or seeds. And it will immediately halt the growth of your plant, which is disastrous!

They will also devour the leaves, stalks, and any fruits or flowers they see! As a result, all of your efforts from that time will be for naught!

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How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Flower Pots

Will Mothballs Keep Squirrels Out Of Flower Pots

Really, there is no hard and fast rule on how to get rid of these annoying, albeit cute creatures. So you might want to combine two or three methods to ensure that you keep squirrels away from your beautiful flower pots.

Below are some of the techniques you should employ in addition to the mothballs technique.

1. Use a Sonic Deterrent

When looking for the most effective solution to the squirrel problem, consider purchasing a sonic deterrent. These are devices that emit high-pitched sounds to keep pests out of your yard.

Simply placing these devices around your home will ensure no chipmunks or squirrels in that region.

2. Add Bone Meal as Fertilizer

Bone meal is a fantastic fertilizer for your plants. And the good news is that squirrels despise its odor! In addition to carefully mixing this fertilizer into the soil, you can also sprinkle some of it on top.

3. Keep Your Yard Clean

Keeping your yard clean will ensure these creatures find other places to bury their food. Additionally, remove all fallen acorns, nuts, and berries from the ground as quickly as feasible.

When you do this, the squirrels or other rodents will have nothing to bury, to begin with.

You should also get rid of any rubbish and food odors in your home. Because these scents tend to attract creatures, you can eliminate them for a more pleasant experience.

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4. Make Use of Pet Furs

This option, however, is only available to dog owners! Simply collect some dog hair when grooming them and scatter it on the flower container.

Since dogs are natural predators, this will lead the squirrel to believe a predator is nearby. As a result, they will avoid your garden for a long time.

5. Plant Flowers That Are Naturally Repulsive to Squirrels

Flowers like garlic, peppermint, alliums, daffodils, hyacinths, etc., repel squirrels. These flowers will not only keep the squirrels away, but they will also improve the indoor air quality and overall aesthetic of your property.