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Pothos N Joy Vs Pearls and Jade: Differences + Similarities

Pothos plants have become one of the most popular household plants across the world. You might wonder, why is that? Well, plants from this family are quite affordable, versatile, and survive under almost any condition.

This post focuses on the different between pothos n joy vs pearls and Jade. Apart from these plants coming from the same family, they share certain similarities that make it difficult to tell them apart.

The most noticeable difference between these plants is that pothos n joy has a whiter background with darker green variegation, while pearls and Jade combine few blotches of green, white, and gray coloration.

Read on as we discuss some similarities and differences between these two beautiful plants.

What is Pothos N Joy?

Pothos N Joy Vs Pearls and Jade

Now, if you are new in the gardening sphere, you might have heard of pothos plants but might not be familiar with the Pothos N Joy variation.

The Pothos N-Joy is regarded as having originated in the Society Islands in the South Pacific Ocean because it is a cultivar of the popular houseplant species Epipremnum aureum.

Most plants native to the Society Islands are mostly dense tropical plants, and Pothos N Joy is not that different. The plants are a sprawling groundcover that adheres itself to the bark of trees with its tiny rootlets.

Pothos N Joy has long vines that can reach up to 40 feet long in its natural habit. But as houseplants, the vines don’t grow that long; at most, they can grow up to 8 feet. Having long vines means you can train these vines to climb up a pole or stretch across a wall.

The Pothos N Joy has large and oval-shaped leaves with a pointed tip with streaks of yellow or white. These leaves unfurl when growing at the point of the vine. Pothos N Joy thrives in indirect sunlight and low humidity.

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What are Pearls and Jade?

If you are crazy about variegated plants, then you should consider growing pearls and Jade. This plant belongs in the pothos family and is quite a common pothos cultivars, probably because it is easy to grow and maintain.

This plant was developed by the University of Florida – a product of mutation-selection from the Marble Queen cultivar. Pearls and Jade has small heart-shaped leaves. The leaves are variegated with white, gray colors.

Pearls and Jade is favored as an indoor plant probably because of their small size – you can easily place them on top of the center table to add attraction.

Pothos N Joy Vs Pearls and Jade

Both pothos n joy and pearls and Jade are cultivars of the marble queen. Both varieties have smaller, more textured leaves than their parent.

Both varieties are also common houseplants probably because they are easy to manage and care for. We will highlight certain differences between these two beautiful houseplants:

What’s The Difference Between Pothos N Joy and Pearl and Jade?

For new gardeners, they might easily mistake these plants for each other. Admittedly, both plants have similar care requirements. There is a need to highlight some salient differences between both of them:

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1. Differences in Leaf Size and Texture

While both plants are small, the leaves of Pearls and Jade can grow up to 7-8cm while pothos n joy can grow up to 12 cm. while this might not seem like such a significant difference, it can help you in differentiating between both plants.

Note that the size of the leaves depends on several factors like humidity, sunlight, temperature, etc.

Another significant difference between both plants is in the texture of their leaves. The leaves of Pearls and Jade has a paper-like feel and consistency to them, while pothos n joy leaves are almost leathery and glossy.

2. Difference in The Color of The Leaves

Another noticeable difference between these two similar plants is the color of their leaves.

When Pothos n joy grows more mature, the upper side’s foliage tends to have a whiter background with various green shades. Under low light conditions, the foliage may change to a yellow-green and dark green combination.

On the contrary, the Pearls and Jade has a combination of green, white, and a fewer blotch of gray coloration.

3. Pothos N Joy Can Survive Different Lighting Conditions

While both plants have similar lighting requirements, Pearls and Jade Pothos is less resilient under different lighting conditions.

Too much light can easily scorch the leaves of Pearls and Jade Pothos; this might not be the case with pothos n joy which is more resilient.

However, low-level ambient lighting is better suited for both plants.

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4. The Pothos N Joy Is Susceptible to Overwatering

This can either be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you see it.

If you’re a zealous gardener who wants to water their plants all the time, it may seem that the pearls and Jade might be a perfect fit for you since this plant is more resilient than the N’ Joy when it comes to not being watered.

Similarities Between Pearl and Jade and Pothos N Joy

1. Both plants love moisture. Thus, you need to water them regularly, especially during the hot season. Note that overwatering can also kill them; thus, you need to strike a balance.

2. Both plants thrive best in a temperature range from 65 to 85°F (18°C to 29°C). That’s why both plants make perfect houseplants – they thrive best at room temperature with minimal heat.

3. While both plants are resilient when it comes to lighting conditions, they will flourish better under moderate indoor light.

4. Just like other pothos varieties, both plants are light feeders. They can easily flourish without fertilizer. Although to improve your plant’s condition, you can fertilize it with a well-balanced fertilizer monthly or bi-monthly to enhance its growth.

5. Both plants thrive in a humid environment. To get the best out of both plants, maintain a 50 to 70% range of humidity.

Which Is Better N JOY Or Pearls and Jade?

With all the differences and similarities highlighted between these two great plants, you might still be confused about which plant to go with.

Generally, pothos N’ Joy is probably the best choice if you are new to plant care and don’t have the time or stamina to place your plant in a selected space.

This low-maintenance plant can go for months without being watered and thrive in places with little lights like apartments or office spaces.

If you’re more interested in aesthetics, then we recommend you go for pearls and Jade. This plant is visually stunning and highly durable, even without constant attention and care.

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