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Toro Zero Turn Mower Review

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The Toro Zero Turn Mower is manufactured by a company with over 100 years of experience producing similar products. This speaks volumes about the construction’s quality.

A Toro Zero Turn Mower is an extremely user-friendly machine that gives you complete control over cutting and trimming speeds.

However, before you head over to buy a Toro Zero-turn mower, we are quite certain that you might make some quick searches on the internet to find out what others are saying about this product. Interested in toro zero turn mower review?

Well, for one, Toro Zero Turn Mowers are extremely user-friendly machines that give you complete control over cutting and trimming speeds.

This post will provide you with all the needed information on Toro Zero-turn Mower, which will enable you to make a good choice.

Toro Motors | Company Overview

Made in the United States and founded in 2914, Toro is a leading worldwide provider of reliable tools and equipment for the outdoor environment, including landscape, snow and ice management, turf maintenance, irrigation, and outdoor lighting tools, and rental and specialty construction machinery.

Toro was established to build engines for the number one brand of farm tractors in the US – The Bull Tractor Company. Its name “Toro” came as a result of the company’s association with Bull.

Toro mowers are assembled in plants located across Sanford in Florida, El Paso in Texas, Plymouth in Wisconsin, Windom and Shakopee in Minnesota, and El Cajon in California. Toro makes innovative equipment, and they have been around for a very long time.

It’s worth noting that the electric motors Toro uses for its lawn mowers are made in Chongqing, China, and shipped to the US to be assembled.

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Are Toro Mowers Good Quality?

Yes, Toro lawnmowers offer tremendous power and cut quality. Whether the grass in your lawn needed a short trim or a more serious cutting, the Toro 22″ Recycler mowers are well fortified for the challenge and will leave your yard looking neater and more professional than when you started.

Toro Zero Turn Mower Review

Are you looking for good Toro mowers? Allow these reviews assist you in making your decision.

1. Toro TimeCutter® SS3225 74710

If you’re looking for convenience, the Toro TimeCutter SS3225 is a tool that lives up to its name. Despite its compact size, this unit will allow you to save time on your outside tasks.

Advantages of the Toro TimeCutter® SS3225 74710

  • It comes in small sizes
  • Can achieve speeds of up to 7 mph.
  • It has an extra-large fuel tank
  • The seat is really comfortable.
  • There are attachments available.

The only known disadvantage of the Toro TimeCutter® SS3225 74710 is that wet grass can jam its knobby tires

2. Toro TimeCutter® SW3200 74780

The Toro TimeCutter® SW3200 74780 is another convenient small mower alternative. Its modest size makes it ideal for most residential homes, but the engine’s power and numerous attachments ensure that you can do more with this machine than just mow your lawn.

Don’t like lever steering units? This Toro TimeCutter features a steering wheel design that is intended to make operation and drive much easier for many users. This makes zero-turning much easier, making your mowing more efficient.

Pros of Toro TimeCutter® SW3200 74780

  • It has a strong engine
  • Controls and operations are simple.
  • Smart Park braking system
  • It comes in small sizes

Cons of Toro TimeCutter® SW3200 74780

  • It is only suited for heavy-duty construction
  • It has a slight learning curve
  • The design of the bagger can be improved.

3. Toro TimeCutter® MX3450 74750

This Toro device is ideal for domestic use and will be an excellent companion for individuals who do more than just mowing the grass at their homes.

You can get more use out of this product because it has the Smart Speed ® Control System, which allows you to trim, mow, and tow.

Pros of Toro TimeCutter® MX3450 74750

  • It is extremely adaptable
  • It comes in Small sizes
  • Has great strength
  • Has Large fuel capacity and a comfortable seat

Cons of Toro TimeCutter® MX3450 74750

The only thing most homeowners don’t like about the Toro TimeCutter® MX3450 74750 is its quick start option. This product will be perfect if the quick start option is enhanced.

4. Toro TimeCutter® HD Zero Turn Mower 75201

This product is best suited for professionals who will require a durable device that can handle both large and little operations with ease.

Toro TimeCutter® HD Zero Turn Mower 75201 was designed specifically for these applications. Its 48″ cutting deck makes it appropriate for a wide range of applications.

Pros of Toro TimeCutter® HD Zero Turn Mower 75201

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Commercial-grade features
  • ROPS is optionally foldable.
  • It has a strong engine
  • The seat is really comfortable.
  • Cutting speed of up to 8.5 mph

Cons of Toro TimeCutter® HD Zero Turn Mower 75201

As of the time this post is written, there are known cons of this product. The only perceived disadvantage might be that it might be complicated since it was constructed for professionals.

5. Toro TITAN® ZX4800 74861

The Toro Titan ZX4800 74861 is another commercial-grade mower that you may add to your fleet. It is appropriate for medium to large operations due to its 48″ cutting deck and powerful Kohler Confidant engine.

Pros of Toro TITAN® ZX4800 74861

  • Frame comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Operation and maneuverability are simple.
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • The seat is really comfortable.
  • Extra-large fuel tank
  • Durable frame structure
  • Suspension is adjustable.

Cons of Toro TITAN® ZX4800 74861

  • The engine can be a little noisy.

What’s Good About Toro Zero Turn Mowers?

Toro Zero Turn Mower Review

Because Toro is a well-known brand, a few short searches will yield a plethora of excellent Toro zero-turn mowers reviews in various communities. Below is a general review of Toro Zero Turn mowers:

1. They are not only perfect for residential lots but also for turf-grounds maintenance.

2. Toro is a wonderful choice if you want a professional-quality cut.

3. Toro has a wide variety of products to meet a variety of purposes.

4. Toros are extremely well-built. They’re long-lasting and, in some situations, require little care.

Toro Zero Turn Mower Problems

While toro zero-turn mowers are praised for their efficiency, durability, etc., certain homeowners have encountered some issues with the Toro zero-turn mowers. Below are some of these issues:

1. The main issue with most Toro zero-turn mowers is recurrent fuel/carb troubles.

2. Some homeowners have complained about changing the hydro pumps in Toro zero-turn mowers way too frequently. Also, there are complaints that Toro zero turn mowers do not cut/stripe as well as they should.

3. Some homeowners complain that the battery in Toro zero-turn mowers dies right away and that the throttle cable requires to be changed almost every month.

4. Toro zero turn mowers might not exactly be suited for residential lawns because the tires are way too large

5. Despite the advantages of the Toro zero turn mowers, the hydraulic system in the Toro Zero Turn is a key source of concern.

This mower’s transmission and hydraulic system are unique compared to standard lawnmowers. As a result, it is vulnerable to some distinct issues like:

  • Air-water mixture.
  • If your Toro Zero lawnmower runs too hot or too cold, it might cause major problems in the long run. It may cause hydraulic fluids to tank out, impeding lubrication and oxidizing fluids. These will eventually limit oil flow and make it more difficult for oil to reach the pump.
  • Fluid levels have a significant impact on overall hydraulic system performance. Oil contamination of air and dust particles may occur due to low fluid levels and poor filtering. As a result, using the proper fluid is critical since the engine, and hydraulic system of your Toro Zero Turn are most compatible with specific types of oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Toro mowers last?

On average, a Toro lawn mower can last between 8 to 10 years if properly maintained. However, the lifespan may decrease by as much as half without proper maintenance.

What engine is in a Toro lawn mower?

Toro lawn mowers are powered by a Honda® GCV 160cc OHC w/Auto Choke engine. Their mower features an exclusive ‘Personal Pace Self-Propel System,’ which lets you mow at speeds that you can adjust infinitely to your walking pace up to 4.8 miles/hour.

How long has Toro been in business?

The Toro Motor Company was established on July 10, 1914.

Why is my Toro lawn mower blowing white smoke?

The most common reason for white smoke on lawn mowers is ‘mower tipped over.’ This usually happens when a user turns the mower over to unclog the chute or clean the deck. This lets oil enter the cylinder, and when you restart the mower, the oil starts burning, turning your yard into a 70s disco. Oil will also leak from the muffler sometimes.

Can I use synthetic oil in my Toro lawn mower?

Yes, you can use synthetic oil. For the best performance of your Toro lawn mower, use Toro’s Full Synthetic Oil, which has been specifically formulated to deliver the best results. This oil provides utmost performance in all temperatures, improving the life of your Toro lawn mower’s engine.

Can I use 10W30 oil in my Toro lawn mower?

If the engine operator manual recommends 10W-30 or 10W-40, which are the same types of motor oil types used in cars, then you can also use it in your Toro lawnmower.

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