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What Side Of The House Do You Plant Hydrangeas?

Choosing the most appropriate location is always the key to any hydrangea planting. It is very significant because it can make a huge difference in your blooms.

Of course, we know that hydrangeas are suitable for planting around your house, but the question is, on what side of the house do you plant hydrangeas? What defines the area that is most suitable for them?

Well, you can plant hydrangeas in any location around your house (be it the left or right side) that gets full morning sun and then dappled sunlight later on in the day.

The amount of the sun also depends on how far south or north you are, too. Back on that later.

Interesting Facts about Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a force to be reckoned with in the world of beautiful flowers. It is a shrub known for its elegance, even as it is straightforward to grow. It can also be accommodated by virtually every kind of soil and still produce good blooms.

Hydrangeas produce blooms with several colors that range from blue, vibrant pink, frosty white, lavender, and rose (there are several cases where the same plant has all color blooming). Again, you can plant them in many gardens, in groups, in shrub borders, and as potted plants.

Can You Plant Hydrangeas Next To House?

Quite simply, it is advisable to often give an open space of at least one inch from the house’s foundation to prevent moisture build-up resulting in mold and disastrous dampness. Therefore, it is not entirely okay to plant next to the house.

Also, by giving some distance, you would prevent giving insects such as carpenter ants and termites with direct access to your home.

In other words, to ensure a healthy house and that of the hydrangeas themselves, distance is, therefore, recommended. Back to the critical question, what side of the place do you plant hydrangeas?

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What Side Of The House Do You Plant Hydrangeas?

What Side Of The House Do You Plant Hydrangeas

The most suitable location to plant hydrangeas around your house is an area that it can get direct sun, which helps to stimulate photosynthesis to produce more blooms and leaves.

In other words, we recommend you plant hydrangeas on the side of the house that receives adequate light and coolness.

If the location of the sunlight on the side of your house is on the left side, then you can plant your hydrangeas there. On the other hand, if it is located on the right side of your house, then it’s an excellent position to grow your hydrangeas.

Meanwhile, the farther north you live, the more sunlight the hydrangeas can tolerate. So be mindful to avoid excessive sunlight.

Can Hydrangeas Grow On the South Side Of House?

Yes, with proper care, they can. Although the best location for hydrangeas is on the east side of the house, where most species prefer the morning sun, they can also thrive in a Southern area because they will also get to receive the full early morning sun.

But, you will have to constantly check on them by ensuring they have been withdrawn from a place exposed to the scorchy sun to a more sheltered or shady area, especially during the afternoon period, when they can be exposed to the severe heat of the sun.

So, you will need to be very watchful to prevent excessive sunlight, which will be harmful to them.

Again, if the south side of the house also has fertile, well-draining soil that is receptive to sufficient moisture, it should be considered an excellent growing location for hydrangeas.

Therefore, it would help if you always endeavored to water deeply, especially for its first couple of years, to grow good roots and get them established.

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How Far To Plant Hydrangea from Fence?

If you are a gardener, you must know the amount of distance that hydrangeas are required to stay apart for the fence to avoid potential or subsequent issues with wrong spacing or distancing.

To get the best distance possible, plant hydrangeas at a length of half its width (the width of an adult plant) from the fence. In other words, if your hydrangea gets to 5 feet wide in maturity, you should grow them at approximately 2.5 feet from the house or fence.

Again, if possible, take an extra foot back to ensure there is a distance between the house and the mature hydrangea, as it will prevent the hydrangeas from shading the wall, and there will be less moisture close to the home. 

Can You Plant Hydrangeas On The North Side of The House?

While the best location to plant hydrangeas is on the east side of the house, you can equally plant them on the west side (most comfortable only for Hydrangea paniculata) and the south side of the house (but with proper care and under steady watch, to prevent the harmful torture of the sun later in the day).

However, the same cannot be said on the north side of the house. The conditions in this location are very unbearable and uncomfortable for any hydrangea because the plants will not have adequate light required for them to bloom.

To answer the question, it’s not advisable to plant hydrangeas on the north side of the house.

Generally, whichever area you plan on growing hydrangeas, be it north, south, east, or west side of the house, it is essential to note that hydrangeas require proper care and ensure you follow the necessary care factors that will encourage its abundant bloom.

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