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10 Super Attractive Flowers That Start With U

Are you interested in knowing more about some unique flowers that start with U?  If so, this article will come in handy. Some popular flowers whose names start with U include ursinia, umbrella plant, ulex, etc.

We all enjoy flowers. What isn’t there to love about one of the most beautiful nature’s products? Flowers have great ornamental value and are present on various occasions like weddings, proms, burials, etc. Flowers also make lovely table centerpieces.

If you want to plant some new flowers in your garden, you should consider some of these flowers outlined here, especially if you cherish the letter “U” so much.

Let’s quickly look at them!

Flowers That Start With U

Below we will highlight some flowers that start with the U. Also; we will provide you with adequate information on the best growing conditions for these flowers.

1. Uva Ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)

Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi is also called bearberry. The flower blooms delicate bell-shaped flowers in shades of white and pink. The name bearberry originated from hunters when they observed that bears waking from hibernation feast on this flowering plant.

The plant is also used to treat urinary tract disorders, and the blooms represent strength and fortitude. The flower thrives in full sun to light shade and requires acid soil with a pH between 4.0 and 6.0.


2. Ursinia (Ursinia anthemoides)


Ursinia flowers are also called Orange African Daisies. The flower usually blooms around the middle to the end of summer with orange or yellow flowers reminiscent of daisies.

Ideally, the soil that the orange African daisy grows in should have good drainage. You don’t need to water the plant regularly as the flowers are drought tolerant.


3. Urn Plant (Aechmea fasciata)

Urn Plant

Urn Plant is also called the silver vase plant and belongs to the bromeliad family. The plant received the “Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.”

The flower thrives best in temperate areas and blooms in full winter for three months. The plant is perfect for residential homes and can serve as holiday decor.

Urn plant requires light soil that remains well-aerated so the roots can easily spread. Urn plants prefer bright light. Direct sun and can cause scorched leaves.


4. Ulex-Gallii (Western Gorse)


The Ulex flowers are perennial plants that emit a sweet aroma reminiscent of coconut. The plants bloom in profusion, filling up everywhere with their beautiful rich yellow flowers. The beautiful thing about the plant is that they bloom all year round.

The Ulex flowers can also be used in making tea and are a perfect addition to your salad. The ulex flower symbolizes joy and celebration.


4. Umbrella Plant (Cyperus alternifolius)

Umbrella plant

The umbrella plant is native to Oregon and the northern part of California. The plant has large and round clusters of pink to white flowers on its bare stalks.

Umbrella plants make great houseplants. The plant needs good drainage so that excess moisture in the soil doesn’t lead to death by root rot—plant in a pot with a drainage hole. Water the plant thoroughly when the top of the potting mix dries out.


6. Uinta-Cactus (Sclerocactus wetlandicus)


A leafless succulent plant, the Uinta-Cactus belongs to the cactus family and originated from the Uinta Basin, located in the northeastern part of Utah.

This flower might not be readily available to grow in your garden since it is enlisted as a threatened species.

The flower is cylindrically shaped with white, red, and black spines. The flower grows on gravelly clay, and the area must be stretched and out open. Uinta-Cactus symbolize endurance and a mother’s love.


7. Ulex-Europaeus (Common Gorse)


Ulex-Europaeus is commonly referred to as Gorse, whine, or furze. It is native to Western Europe, including the British Isles, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Ireland.

The flower produces bright yellow pea-structured flowers and can grow up to 2 to 3 meters tall. The flower has a coconut scent, and the buds can be used as capers in salads or vinegar, while the shoot tips are made for tea.


8. Umbrella Magnolia (Magnolia tripetala)

Umbrella Magnolia

The name umbrella magnolia stems from the fact that the plant has large leaves that resemble an open umbrella.

The plant needs consistently moist soil and thus needs to be watered frequently.  Do not let the soil dry out between watering.

The plant thrives best under partial to full shade. The creamy white blooms of the Magnolia tripetala represent protection and the goodness found in all things.


9. Upright Virgin’s Bower (Clematis virginiana)

Upright Virgin's Bower

The Virgin’s Bower vine has several common names, including Italian clematis, woodbine, and devil’s darning needle.

The plant is native to the eastern United States and Canada. The upright virgin’s bower is quite invasive and can aggressively spread across the garden.

The Virgin’s Bower vine prefers a rich, fertile loamy or silty soil with average to above-average moisture levels. It grows best in partial shade. The fragrant white flowers attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.


10. Ugly Fruit Flower (Citrus reticulata x paradisi)

Citrus reticulata x paradisi

Ugly fruit flower grows as perennial evergreen plants that can also be used as ornamental plants and can grow as dwarf trees or bonsai.

You can start growing the flower by planting seedlings, cuttings, and air layering. The plant thrives in a hot summer sun location and performs optimally when on organic soil rich with humus and fertilizer.


Conclusion | Flowers That Begin With The Letter U

In hindsight, most of these flowers that start with U are not known to some gardeners. This list will come in handy if you are looking to expand your garden with some unique and elegant flowers that will attract pollinators like birds, bees, etc.

Before growing these plants, you may need to do additional research on them to discover the best growing conditions for them.

While some of the flowers listed here will thrive better with a bit of neglect, others will have fragile florals that require special attention to bloom successfully and maintain their beauty.