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How Long For Gladiolus Bulbs To Sprout?

Gladiolus plants take between 70 to 90 days to grow to bloom after planting. How long for gladiolus bulbs to sprout can be determined by counting days from the first day of sowing the seeds. But basically, it takes about three to five (3-5) weeks for gladiolus bulbs to sprout if given the necessary conditions for sprouting.

Although this depends on the size of the bulbs (corms) and the type of variety you grow. Apart from knowing how long it will take for gladiolus bulbs to sprout, you will also learn a few other things about gladiolus bulbs in this article.

Why Is My Gladiolus Bulb Not Sprouting?

How Long for Gladiolus Bulbs to Sprout

For gladiolus bulbs to sprout depends on when you plant them and their viability (good for sowing). When you plant a gladiolus bulb, it needs to first establish itself well in the soil after it must have come out from dormancy.

These bulbs have a mechanism that helps to protect them during harsh weather. For example, when there is a drop in temperature, the plants will withdraw and the corms will act as food storage to help survive the dormancy stage. They adjust to temperature changes.

Adequate sunlight and warmth will facilitate growth and help bring the corms out of dormancy.

Soaking gladiolus bulbs can also help to speed up the germination rate which in most cases can save up to 14 or 21 days (2-3 weeks). However, soaking gladiolus bulbs before planting is not a requirement that you must do, it is meant to shorten the length of days it takes to sprout.

Necessary Conditions for Gladiolus to Sprout

  • Bulbs viability
  • Good soil temperature (preferably 55 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Adequate water application
  • Air temperature between 50 and 70 degrees
  • Soaking bulbs (not necessary though)
  • Some common varieties of gladiolus flower plants

Conclusion | How Long For Gladiolus Bulbs To Sprout?

In terms of how long for gladiolus bulbs to sprout, you already know that it 3-5 weeks. Gladiolus plants produce flowers in the summer, but will not do well when planted in summer. They require adequate sunlight and warm temperature to thrive excellently.

They have different varieties and each variety is known for its peculiar characteristics of having different colors.

When planted in good condition, it sprouts between three to seven weeks, and blooms between seven to ninety days.

Interestingly, gladiolus plants are classified as perennial plants and not annual, contrary to many assumptions that they are annual plants.

The Gladiolus plant will perform better in sandy loam that has a good pore space of temperature of 550F.

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