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Hacksaw Vs Sawzall (Key Differences)

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Without proper and critical examination, you will be confusing both the hacksaw vs sawzall for being similar kinds of a saw.

However, despite bearing striking resemblance and being reciprocating saws, both have noticeable differences. Differentiating them will give you the proper information to choose the right one for your job.

Hacksaw and Sawzall can be differentiated in their style. While the hacksaw is a singlehanded, easy to maneuver tool used for cutting in narrow spaces and used for light woodwork and metal, the sawzall is certainly a double-handed heavy-duty machine used for woodwork metalwork, splitting concrete, and demolition.

In this article, we will discuss the similarities and differences between hacksaw and sawzall.

Let’s get started!

What is a Hacksaw?

Most commonly called Hackzall as its trademark name, the hacksaw is a kind of reciprocating saw that features a pistol grip and is used to cut wood, plywood, plastic, metal, etc. It is a single-handed device, thus making it lightweight and well-balanced.

Even though it looks quite much like the sawzall, the hackzall is an entirely different saw to any other type of saw you must’ve seen. It has a dwarf nature and is operated with one hand. It is also designed to cut little objects faster and easier.

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Like we earlier mentioned, it comes with a standard pistol-grip yet, features a blade that elongates from the top of the machine, rather than the side, as it is typically with several tools.

A lot of its weight is felt in the center, just above the pistol grip. You can use it with one hand without additional support.

Recently, the hackzall has been produced in several models, which feature anti-vibration technology that makes it less strenuous and time-saving during your work. Most notable of its models include the corded and battery-operated models.

What is a Sawzall?

Known as Sawzall from its trademark name from Milwaukee tools, this machine is a type of reciprocating saw that features a D-shaped handle.

It is one of the most popular kinds of saw, as it is used to describe any reciprocating saw. However, it is the only saw model that is designed by the Milwaukee Company.

As long as a sawzall is concerned, it has a lot to it than met the eyes. For instance, a sawzall centralizes the support of its blade, which features a trigger behind it. This will enable anyone that stands behind it during a cutting project to feel a lot safer.

It features a support point and elongated body in front, which allows you to hold it in the same way you will hold a rifle. Sawzall has higher battery life than most other reciprocating blade kinds.

Its blade is also durable and comes with wear-resistant change, anti-corrosion blade clamp, and others. This device comes in two models; battery-powered and corded models.

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Hacksaw Vs Sawzall

DesignUses a Single-handed operationUses a Double-handed operation
HandleConsist of a Pistol-grip holdConsist of D-handle
Stroke LengthIt has Shorter strokesIt has Longer strokes
WeightIt is a lightweight deviceIt is heavier than its opposing device
UsesIt is a multi-purpose and versatile tool. Perfect for cutting thickness of up to 1.”It is a heavy-duty tool and not as versatile as its opposing device. Perfect for demolishing projects.
PriceMore expensive of the two because of its versatilityLess expensive of the two.

Differences Between Hacksaw and Sawzall

Hacksaw Vs Sawzall

Despite some unique similarities, the hackzall is quite different from the sawzall. The most notable difference between the two is that the hackzall is a lightweight device made for single-handed operation, while the sawzall is a heavy-duty device made for double-handed operation.

Here, the sawzall can be used in the same way as the standard reciprocating saw, as it is a double-handed device that needs a user to put one hand on the rear trigger support and a different one on the front end support. Meanwhile, the hacksaw can’t be operated that way, though.

This is because it is made for single-handed projects and a narrower and more focused project. It is lightweight and well-balanced and used to cut smaller objects faster and easier. The hackzall operating mode can be similar to a power drill, unlike the sawzall.

The cutting power and strength of the hacksaw and sawzall are also different. Like other reciprocating saws, the sawzall has a motor size that can demolish any project without hesitation.

On the other hand, you’ll need to be more careful and considerate when using a hackzall, as it is not, in any way, a fragile tool.

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In other words, the hackzall is less powerful because of its diminished size. However, it is still very effective and capable of demolishing projects when compared to another best alternative tool.

The hacksaw is the best in terms of versatility, as it is used in far more problems than the bigger sawzall, particularly in a work that requires a bit more perfection and precision.

While the sawzall works best for solving larger cuts that don’t need much skill, precision, or balance.

Talking about prices, both the hacksaw and the sawzall are different. Since the sawzall is the more common of the two, it can be said to be cheaper than the hackzall.

Because the hackzall is an all-action device and an all-rounder, it is a little more costly than the sawzall. However, there’s not too much gap in the prices of both, but also a difference worth considering.

How are Hacksaw and Sawzall Similar?

Despite the glaring differences between both sets of machines, there are still some notable similarities among the two, though they are few and far between. Need we remind you that both the hacksaw and sawzall are devices used for cutting projects?

Of course, they are.

The most notable similarity between the hacksaw and sawzall is that both devices are types of reciprocating saws and works on a common principle.

Most often, people think of the hackzall as the smaller version of the sawzall. However, there are notable differences, which you will have to find, to enable you to know the perfect one for your kind of job.

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