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How to Save a Dying Dracaena Plant (4 EASY Steps)

In today’s article, you’re going to learn how to save a dying dracaena plant. So, if your dracaena plant is dying, you don’t have to worry as we’re about to show you how to turn things around for good.

Indeed, most people would choose the dracaena plant over many other plants because of its popular ornamental feature.

Aside from being a great plant, it saves time as you can grow it without so much care and attention. Dracaena is also an elegant plant that is not only planted by gardeners but some homeowners because of their homely look.

However, this seemingly perfect plant does not look attractive when dying. The symptoms alone could seem frustrating.

Let’s quickly look at how to bring this beautiful plant back to life.

Growth of Dracaena and its Varieties

Dracaena, also known as the “dragon tree plant,” love’s and thrives in tropical humid conditions. The dracaena plant grows for about 1 foot and some inches wide. Although they’re best grown in loamy soil,  they also like moderately wet soil.

There are several varieties of dracaena that help you know your plant. Most people are conversant with the yellow-edged variegated type because they are helpful as they purify the surrounding air.

Having issues with your dracaena might discourage you irrespective of its beauty. Some signs would show something is wrong with your dracaena.

Let’s look at these signs.

4 Signs of a Dying Dracaena Plant

Signs of a Dying Dracaena Plant

How do you know that your dracaena plant is dying? Well, this is an important question, which you should know the answer because knowing the signs of a dying dracaena plant would help you address these issues accordingly.

That said, below are some of the things you will notice when a dracaena plant is dying:

  • Yellow crispy leaves
  • Loss of leaves
  • Root rot
  • Soft brown leaves and a brown weak trunk

Why Your Dracaena Plant Is Dying

Some factors are responsible for your dracaena showing these signs of death — and knowing the reasons why your dracaena plant is dying would help you know how to save a dying dracaena plant.

Below are some of the things that may lead to the death of your dracaena plant:

1. Light problem

Too much or little light is one factor that would cause your dracaena plant to grow poorly. If lighting is faulty, then it will affect your dracaena. Their leaves would turn crispy brown if exposed to direct and strong light.

2. Watering problem

In so many ways this contributes to the death of your plant. Underwatering the plant consistently would lead to it drying out and this causes it to die. Yellow crispy leaves are signs that your plant lacks water.

Overwatering is the first place to look at if plants should show such signs, perhaps you still water your bamboo plants but they still show symptoms like; root-rot, soft brown leaves, and soft brown trunks.

3. Fertilizing issues

Your dracaena plant could die because of fertilization, being overly supportive would deny your plant it’s a natural form to grow like it should, especially since it is to an extent self-fertile.

How to Save a Dying Dracaena Plant

Why Your Dracaena Plant Is Dying

1. Key it away from direct sunlight

To save a dying dracaena plant, the first step is to keep your plant away from direct light, but do not settle for too little light either.

However, if settling for natural light still scares you for some reason, you can have artificial light. For recommendation see a planting store.

2. Water dracaena plant accordingly

It’s worth noting that dracaena abhors too many waters, even as they love moist soil. So water your plants consistently and not constantly.

Find the best days to water them, you can water once in 10 days, and be sure to feel moist of the soil before watering.

Note: Your plant would not die immediately if not watered for some time in case you are worried that letting your over-watered plants dry out would pose a threat.

So what if you are not overwatering or underwatering your dracaena plant but it still looks malnourished or dying, it could be a result of excess fluoride in your water. If you see your plant developing brown tips and white stripes on the side then this is a sign.

To get rid of it, use distilled water to flush the fluoride water that has been used on the plant over time, overwatering the plant with distilled water and letting it drain might save your plant. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times for better results.

3. Be careful while fertilizing the plant

Furthermore, fertilization is not your dracaena’s essential, this plant tends to do fine with or without fertilizer.

Note: County compost can be added to the soil once in a while, but it is not something that your dracaena plant will miss having.

And if at all you notice it is showing some symptoms while fertilizing then it is as a result of over-fertilizing. Wash off the excess fertilizer by watering the plant and if not change the soil entirely.

4. Other things to know

Seeing the bottom of your dracaena turning yellow and falling? Not to worry it is normal for the plant as it is part of its growth cycle.

The best part of this plant is that it can be grown indoor in any condition since it doesn’t require much care. It has a secondary thickening that helps sustain it.

Note: As loving as this plant might be they might be repelling or toxic to animals, especially your pets; cat and dogs. When eaten by pets they will display symptoms of poisoning like vomiting, loss of appetite.

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Saving your dying dracaena plant shouldn’t have to be an issue now that you know the signs, causes and solutions to your problems at your disposal. You just have to follow the procedures and bid these signs farewell.

Hopefully, this guide answers your undying question of how to save a dying dracaena.

Have a good time saving your dying dracaena!