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Will Grass Grow Back After Dog Urine? (If YES, How Fast?)

Can you have a lawn and own a dog? This question might boggle persons who have heard of the damage dog urine does to grass. Well, it’s possible that your dog might love your lawn as much as you do. But will grass grow back after dog urine? Yes, grass will grow back after dog urine.

Admittedly, dog urine naturally wreaks havoc on grass, leaving burned, bare lawn spots or discolored grass behind.

In certain circumstances; however, you will need to take additional steps to ensure that new growth emerges in your lawn after the damage caused by dog urine. This post will discuss these steps extensively.

Why Dogs Urine Burns Grass

Will Grass Grow Back After Dog Urine

Dogs are carnivores which results in high concentrations of nitrogen and salts in their urine. As a result, their urine has a high acidic level ranging between 6.0 to 6.5.

Grass, by its nature, loves nitrogen, but the concentration of nitrogen on a specific patch of grass will definitely be too much for the grass to handle.

In addition, the acidic nature of dog urine on grass also results in some negative impacts.

When it comes to the damaging effect of dog urine on grass, certain myths exist which are not exactly true. For instance, it is believed that female dogs’ urine burns grass more than that of male dogs.

However, this myth is totally false and may be attributed to the fact that female dogs squat to urinate while male dogs lift their legs and pee as they walk as a way to mark their territory.

Other myths like dog urine spots are more common with certain breeds, and brown spots occur when dog urine is alkaline is false.

Will Grass Grow Back After Dog Urine?

Yes, grass will grow back after dog urine; however, the time the grass will take to grow back after dog urine is dependent on the level of concentration of nitrogen and acid on the grass.

Therefore, if your dog is fond of urinating in a particular spot or patch of grass, there is a probability that the grass will take a longer time to grow back.

However, this post will provide practical ways you can revive your lawn after your favorite pet has wreaked some havoc on it.

How To Identify Dog Urine Spot on your Lawn

Before trying to fix the dog urine spots on your lawn, you may wonder what it looks like. Most dog owners battle with overly green spots or brown spots on their lawn.

As mentioned earlier, dog urine is high in nitrogen. In a situation where your lawn or the grass patch in question lacks adequate nitrogen, you will notice that you’re that the dog urine spot becomes greener and healthier.

This simply signifies that your lawn is lacking in nitrogen and will need a new application of fertilizer.

Dog urine may also result in brown spots on your grass, eventually leading to its death. This happens when the lawn is overly dry or already weak and stressed.

How to Fix Dog Urine Spots

Funny enough, the effect of the dog urine on your grass might give you an insight into what is wrong with your lawn.

If your lawn lacks nitrogen, the urine spot will be greener and lusher, while brown spots on your lawn indicate that your lawn is overly weak. Below are ways to fix the problem.

1. Water Your Lawn

You will need to water the grass to dilute and displace nitrogen and acidity. When watering, concentrate more on the spot your dog usually urinates.

2. Apply fertilizer

The effect of dog urine on your lawn will indicate if your lawn lacks manure. If the dog urine spot is greener and lusher, it means you need to do a better job of providing your lawn with manure.

3. Remove Dead Grass and Replace

When there is a concentration of dog urine in a particular grass spot, it may lead to the eventual death of the grass. If such is the case, then it’s time to grow a new patch of grass.


Owning a dog and having a lawn requires some extra work. Fortunately, the answer to the question, Will grass grow back after dog urine? Is yes. With the right steps, you can resuscitate your lawn from the effect of dog urine.

While this post recommends ways to fix up dog urine spots on your lawn, it’s best if you take active steps to stop that from happening.

For example, you can take your dogs for long walks or train them to urinate in a particular spot outside your lawn.

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