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Top 10 Amazing Flowers That Start With Z

Do you know that there are some flowers that start with Z? Admittedly, not many flowers begin with the letter Z, but we will do our best to provide you with some fabulous flowers you can grow in your garden.

Some of the flowers whose names start with Y are zinnia, zamia, zantedeschia, etc.

Can you ever run out of flowers to grow in your garden? We don’t think so! There are literally millions of flower species out there! Once you know the right way to keep these flowers healthy and thriving, you are good to go.

Flowers That Start With Z

Remember, you can never go wrong with growing flowers; the benefits associated with the beautiful, showy plants are numerous to mention.

Now, let’s delve into some unique flowers that start with the letter Z that you can grow in your garden.

1. Zinnia


Zinnia is a perennial plant belonging to the family Asteraceae. The flower is a great attractor of pollinators like butterflies and birds, and it’s usually cultivated in butterfly gardens. The flowers come in various colors, hues, shapes, and sizes.

Zinnia is a low-maintenance plant that blooms typically around autumn and spring. The flower requires full sun and thrives on moist, fertile, and well-drained soil, with a pH level between 5.5 and 7.5.


2. Zantedeschia


Zantedeschia is another flower that starts with Z, that is a perfect addition to your garden and home. The flower in an indoor and outdoor plant and thus can be grown in beds, borders, and containers.

The flower has 8 species, with the most prominent being Arum Lilies and Calla Lilies. Arum lilies have striking white flowers, while Calla Lilies have white-spotted leaves and colorful flowers.

Zantedeschia blooms by summer and thrives both under full and partial sunlight. Grow the plant in moist and well-drained soil.


3. Zephyranthes


Zephyranthes is a perennial plant belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family. The plant has over 90 species of flowering plants.

The average Zephyranthes plant has grass-like foliage and funnel-shaped flowers. The stalk supports a single flower consisting of six or eight petals.

The flower blooms in spring and summer. Some species have a sweet fragrance that spread happiness and joy. Water the plant averagely and grow in well-drained soil with a good application of organic material.


4. Zygopetalum


If you are in search of a great indoor plant that will add color and brightness to your home or office, we suggest you go for the Zygopetalum flower.

The flower is originally native to South America and produces waxy-looking, exotically patterned, and colored blooms.

The flower has greenish-brown petals and sepals and purple color on its lips. The plant prefers moist and well-drained soil, with a pH level between 5.5 and 6.5.


5. Zamia



Zamia plants may not necessarily fall into the classic definition of flowers. The plant is referred to as a cardboard palm.

Some gardeners believe that plant doesn’t necessarily fall into this category; the zamia plant is a cycad — like the sago palm plant.

Zamia plant requires minimal maintenance and thrives in moderate to bright light. You can grow the plant in potting soil provided the potting soil and container have excellent drainage.


6. Zauschneria


Zauschneria plant is also referred to as California Fuchsia or Hummingbird Flower. They are perennial plants that bloom from summer through to the start of autumn.

The plant has greyish green foliage. Even though Zauschneria can thrive indoors, it’s best to start growing them outdoors; sow the seeds in springtime.

The plants should grow in either a sunny or partially shady part of the garden. It is essential that the plant grows in soils that have good drainage.


7. Zingiber Officinale

Zingiber Officinale

This is also called ginger root and might not exactly fit into the classification of flowering plants but makes excellent garden plants.

Ginger are herbs that can be used fresh, dried, ground, or preserved. The herb is an integral part of Asian cuisine and is used as a spice in fruit salads, teas, curries, preserves, and baked goods.

The plant thrives best in hot, humid conditions and rich soil with lots of nutrients. Fertilizer becomes necessary when the plant is not planted in very fertile soil.


8. Zexmenia Hispida

Zexmenia Hispida

The plant goes by many names including, Zexmenia, Orange Zexmenia, Hairy Wedelia, Wedelia, and Texas Creeping-oxeye. The plant was initially found in west Texas south into Mexico.

The plant has rough-hairy, grey-green foliage. Water the plant averagely and place it under a sunny spot. The plant thrives in dry, well-drained soils and can survive drought conditions. As a low maintenance plant, avoid overwatering the plant.


9. Zabel laurel

Zabel laurel

Zabel Laurel is a medium growing, spreading, broadleaf evergreen shrub. Its dark green narrow leaves are slightly thinner than ‘Schipp’ Laurel.

Zabel Laurel produces small white flowers and round, black fruit and serves as an excellent plant to use as a shrub border or in a foundation planting.


10. Zebra plant

Zebra plant

Zebra plants are common indoor plants initially found in Brazil. The plant is unique and recognized for its dark leaves striped with white veins and colorful flowers.

Growing zebra plant as an indoor plant requires some work. You will have to find a temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit and place it in a spot with indirect sunshine.

Water the plant consistently to keep the soil moist, and watch out for wilted leaves and stems.


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While some plants like Zexmenia hispida are easy to nurture, other plants like the zebra plants are not exactly easy to care for, especially when they are indoor plants. The trick is to find a balance.

If you are looking for beautiful flowers to adorn your home, office, or garden, these list of flowers that start with Z are probably an excellent place to start.

Remember that these flowers thrive under different conditions. It’s necessary you do adequate research before growing them.

These flowers can also be a perfect name for your pet, or maybe you are in the market for a new nickname? Zinnia is definitely a name you should consider.