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How to Get Rid of Magpies (6 SIMPLE Steps)

Magpie belongs to the Corvidae family. The birds are generally considered a nuisance as a result of their predatory nature. Magpies eat garden fruits and vegetables and can aggressively protect their nests and other areas used for roosting.

Magpies have turned out to be every gardener’s nightmare; it’s no surprise that you are interested in eliminating magpies in your garden.

One of the ways of getting rid of magpies is to make them feel threatened. Decoys like scarecrows, hanging shiny objects, etc., are some of the methods employed in getting rid of magpies.

This post will give you a complete guideline on how to get rid of magpies in your garden.

How to Identify A Magpie

As mentioned earlier, magpie belongs to the crow family, and it is easy for you to confuse it with a crow. However, you don’t want a crow perching in your garden. Why do you think we have scarecrows?

Magpies are medium-sized birds with black and white feathers. However, some varieties of magpies have blue and green coloring. Magpies also have a long, wedge-shaped tail.

Why Are There So Many Magpies in Your Yard?

How to Identify A Magpie

Before attempting to get rid of the destructive magpies from your yard, you need to know why they are choosing your yard as the particular spot to settle.

Magpies usually lay an average of 6 eggs and raise their nestlings from March through June. Adult magpies migrate with their young ones during a new season to a spot with enough food and insects. Sadly, your well-kept garden might just be the perfect spot for them.

Other reasons why you may have magpies in your garden are:

1. They Migrated to a New Region

It is a frequent sight to see hundreds of magpies migrating to a new region, searching for sustenance. Magpies are also omnivores which means that they are majorly concerned with what is in your trash can. They sometimes settle on your roof.

2. They are in Search of Food

As mentioned earlier, if your garden has enough insects and food to keep magpies satisfied, then it will be hard to get them out of your garden.

Magpies will enjoy the right morsel of veggies and plants and round up their appetite by hunting down insects and bugs. After a long day in the air, your garden might be what the crows need to relax.

3. Magpies like Tall Trees and Ponds

If your yard is filled with tall trees and ponds, then you are in for some bad news. Magpies like to roost in tall trees of about 60 feet after a long day of flying.

Naturally, Magpies are riverside habitats, and your little pond may be the perfect substitute for a river. The good news is that this post will provide you with guidelines on how to get rid of magpies.

How to Get Rid of Magpies

Why Are There So Many Magpies in Your Yard

There is no hard and fast rule in getting rid of magpies from your yard. So, don’t stick to a particular method provided in this post as the ultimate way of getting rid of magpies.

We advise that you employ some of the methods provided here simultaneously so that the birds will get the right message.

1. Clean Up Your Yard and Trashcan

Remember that we mentioned that magpies are omnivores; this means that they will be interested in the content of a trash can. What if they see your unkempt yard as the trashcan? Then you will have a big problem.

If cleaning up your surroundings is a heavy task that you can’t handle alone, you can alleviate the burden by calling in professional cleaners’ services.

2. Use a Scarecrow

Why is it called scarecrow? Because it frightens crows. Since magpies belong in the same family as crows, it makes perfect sense that a scarecrow can be an effective way of getting rid of them.

Leaving a mannequin in your yard might not precisely be efficient in getting rid of the birds. The mannequin has to have some sort of movement to scare magpies. You might add a plastic bag that will float in the wind to frighten magpies.

3. Place Reflective Objects Like CDs and Mirror All Over Your garden

Myth has it that crows and magpies are scared of their reflections, while other sources claim that they are afraid of shiny objects.

Hanging a CD or mirror around strategic areas in your garden might help get rid of magpies. Make sure that the CDs or mirrors are moving and revolving in the wind.

To ensure that these objects are revolving, hang them along your patio roof, in your garden, or on fruit trees. Be aware that CDs will scare and keep away other birds as well.

4. Recordings of Distressed Birds

Recordings of distressed birds is also a decoy you can to scare magpies. Owl hunts magpies, and it follows that a recording of a distressed owl may keep the birds at bay.

Play the recordings at irregular intervals, or they will cease to work. Magpies are highly intelligent and will quickly adjust to regular recordings.

5. Get a Smaller Bird Feeder

A large bird feeder is an indirect invitation of crows into your yard. It’s best to invest in smaller bird feeders for little birds to feed on

6. Get an Automatic Sprinkler

Birds don’t like water ruffling their feathers, and you can use their dislike as an advantage. Getting a sprinkler with a motion sensor installed is just what you need!

Whenever the sprinkler senses a movement, it will start to sprinkle, and the magpies will have to run for cover; this will serve as a deterrent for other magpies in the area.

What Will Scare Magpies Away?

Decoys are some of the effective ways of getting rid of magpies. Some of the best decoys are

  • Hanging CDs or mirrors
  • Predator recordings
  • Large Eyes
  • Flashing lights
  • Bright colors

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One important thing to remember when trying to get rid of magpies is that the birds have a high tolerance level and can adapt quickly.

There is no singular method on how to get rid of magpies. You will have to mix up specific techniques and methods before finally getting rid of the destructive birds.

This post has covered some methods you should use to eliminate magpies from your yard or garden.