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Hoya Krimson Queen Vs Princess {9 Key Differences}

The key difference between Hoya Krimson Queen Vs Princess is their color. The Krimson Queen is the main variegated version, which means that the center of the leaf is green colored with cream borders. The Krimson Princess, on the contrary, is the reversed variegated or “Rubra” version with its center and green edges being cream-colored.

Both the Hoya Krimson Queen and Hoya Krimson Princess are amazing and attractive houseplants with several benefits.

These plants make for stunning, ornamental plants, and the beauty they add to your home is unmatched. However, because they both look alike, you might be confused while deciding which of them to grow, which is why you may be eager to know their differences.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that both the Krimpson Queen and Krimson Princess are carnosas and belongs to the same family of “Apocynaceae.”

That said, let’s now look in detail, the key differences and similarities between Hoya Krimson Queen and Hoya Krimson Princess.

Hoya Krimson Queen Vs Princess | Key Differences

Differences Between Krimson Princess and Queen

The Krimson Queen and Princess has so many similarities and differences that we’re going to highlight shortly in this article.

Therefore, if you’ve ever wanted to know the things to consider when trying to choose between these two houseplants, bring your sit closer as we’re about to take a fun ride.

Let’s get started!

1. Classification

It will be difficult to notice the difference between Hoya Krimson Queen and Princess by mere looking at them. However, they differ in several ways, which you will notice via their classifications and varieties, even though they belong to the same Hoya genus and family.

There are many types of Hoyas out there and Krimson Queen and Krimson Princess are parts of them.

Now, let’s quickly see how they differ in terms of their leaf shape and texture:

Hoya Krimson Queen

  • The leaves and stems of Hoya Krimson Queen are darker green in color
  • The leaves are thin cordate in shape and can reach about 5 cm long
  • The leaves have creamy white edges
  • Talking about its texture, Krimson Queen’s leaf surface is a bit smooth and waxy
  • It has an extended internode as well

Hoya Krimson Princess

  • The center of Krimson Princess leaves is creamy white in color with green margins
  • It appears thicker and its leaves can grow up to 3-4 cm long
  • Krimson Princess has a slightly waxy and smooth texture compared to Krimson Queen
  • Its leaves are also lighter in terms of color

2. How Do They Compare in Terms of Growth?

Krimson Queen has a faster growth rate. It produces dark green leaves, a sign of plentiful chlorophyll within, which helps to absorb light – and is critical in completing the photosynthesis process.

Krimson Princess, on the other hand, has a slow growth rate because it has lighter green pigment, a sign of chlorophyll shortage.

That said, you might want to choose Hoya Krimson Queen for propagation because it can grow much faster than Krimson Princess.

3. Foliage Color Difference

Hoya Krimson Queen Vs Princess

Both the Hoya Krimson Prince and Queen have attractive leaves that often make them a stunning houseplant.

As I stated earlier, Hoya Krimson Princess leaves has a creamy color in the center. Some growers believe that the center color is white though, but it appears creamy. There’s a green color in the margin or edges, making them quite remarkable.

On the contrary, Hoya Krimson Queen leaves have darker green color in the center. And the edges have a white color.

Again, the majority of the leaves in Krimson Queen are green and you will sometimes find the totally white leaves in the plant, while you will usually not get that in Krimson Princess leaves.

4. Flower Difference

Hoyas generally seldomly grow flowers when grown indoors since it requires an ample amount of sunlight and sufficient micronutrients that it can only get when planted outdoors.

But when it comes to differentiating between the flowers of the Queen and Princess Hoyas, it’s usually not easy since their flowers are almost alike at first glance, until you give them a closer observation.

But as you look further, you’ll notice that Krimson Queen has a fully pinkish color on the center, compared to the bright reddish color of the Krimson Princess.

5. Height and Structure Difference

When grown indoors, Hoya Krimson Queen can grow up to 5 to 7 feet tall, and up to 25 feet tall when planted in the wild.

Krimson Princess, on the other hand, is a slightly lower at about 3 to 4 feet tall when growing indoor and up to 15 to 18 feet tall when planted in the wild.

It’s also worth noting that Krimson Queen has light-brown stem color, while Krimson Princess’s has dazzling pinkish stem color.

6. Watering Frequency of Krimson Princess and Queen

By now, you should already know that Krimson Princess leaves are much thicker than that of Krimson Queen.

This indicates that Krimson Princess leaves can hold more water than Queen, which also means that it requires less watering frequency.

Krimson Princess can be watered once in every 7 – 10 days – but don’t forget that watering too much is worse than watering less often.

On the contrary, Krimson Queen has a thin leaves composition that can only handle a small amount of water, as such, it requires much more watering than Krimson Princess.

You can water your Krimson Queen once or twice per week.

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7. Fertilizer Requirement

The Hoya genus generally need less fertilizer. In fact, you don’t necessarily need to apply fertilizer at all if you’re using compost. However, you can apply a small amount of fertilizer to the plant to add some nutrients to it.

If you’re going to use fertilizer for your Hoya Krimson Queen, go for organic fertilizer instead of synthetic to avoid the roots being burnt from using fertilizer.

And to use fertilizer for Krimson Princess, it’s important to dilute the dose carefully into half or a quarter to reduce concentration. That said, you will want to avoid fertilizing the plants during winters as they might be in their dormant season during this period.

The bottom line is that, while you will want to provide your Krimson Queen and Princess with sufficient nutrients, applying too much fertilizer isn’t a good idea for that reason.

8. Light Requirement

Both Krimson Princess and Queen came from tropical regions; hence, they prefer growing in an environment with enough indirect sunlight.

So, an east-facing window is the best place to plant a Hoya, as there’s usually enough sunlight in that spot.

While both Krimson Queen and Princess enjoys sunlight, the Princess should be exposed a little bit longer than your Queen.

This is primarily because Hoya Krimson Queen is can handle too much water because of its thick leaf structure, while Krimson Princess is only able to store a little amount of water, which usually lead the soil to be soaked for some time.

So, leaving your Krimson Princess under the sun somewhat longer will help the soil to dry up quickly to avoid any pathogenic attacks or root rot.

But aside from that, sunlight will also help Krimson Princess to produce more nutrients and energy, as they have variegated leaves with light pigments.

9. Price Difference

How much is Hoya Krimson Queen?

On average, Krimson Queen sells for between $31 to $49.

How much is Hoya Krimson Princess?

The average price of Krimson Princess is $18 to $20.

It’s worth mentioning that the price of Krimson Queen and Princess totally depends on your location and the plant’s size.

Apparently, Krimson Queen is costlier than Krimson Princess nowadays.

Krimson Queen Vs Krimson Princess | Key Similarities

Krimson Queen Vs Krimson Princess

1. Pruning Rate

The good thing about Krimson Queen and Princess is that they don’t need much maintenance and don’t require regular pruning. Pruning the plants is not also guaranteed to promote new growth.

The primary reason you should be pruning your Hoya genus is to control their growing size, especially when they’re grown indoors. It could also help to protect the plant against root rot as well as other pathogenic infections.

That said, do not prune your Hoya Krimson Queen or Princess if the plant isn’t at any risk.

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2. How Are They Similar in Flowering?

While these houseplants differ in flower structure, they have the same flowering season – and it usually takes between 2 to 3 years intervals before they flower again.

Although, there is no guarantee that either Krimson Princess or Queen will bloom even if they’re grown in the wild.

3. Humidity Similarity

The Hoya genus will generally do better in a high humid habitat. So, you will want to keep them where there’s a humidity level of 70% – 80%.

However, if your area does not have such humidity, use a plant humidifier to boost up the humidity level or put your houseplants closer to each other.

Do not think of misting or overhead watering the plants as that would be dangerous to them. Remember that too much water on top of their leaves may lead to pathogenic infestations.

4. Temperature Needs

The best temperature for both Hoya Krimson Queen and Princess is 60 to 95°F (15 to 35°C).

While they’re tropical plants and can survive in hot environments, they can easily adapt to the temperature in your home provided it’s within the required temperature range.

They’re also vulnerable to frost damage. So, it’s advisable not to keep them around moist windows during the winter period as the low temperature might stunt your plant’s growth.

5. Soil Needs

Due to the natural habitat of Hoya genus, they’re able to hang on trees, getting their roots exposed to air.

However, you will less likely experience this when you’re growing either Krimson Princess or Queen as houseplants. That notwithstanding, you can always achieve the same thing by using the right kind of soil for the plants and hanging them on the ceiling.

For Krimson Queen and Princess, use a well-draining soil as it’s the best potting mix for these plants. This mix will help the plant’s soil significantly in terms of proper draining – and will also ensure a well-aerated structure.

Simply add perlite, orchid bark, and peat moss to your soil if you want to achieve that kind of potting mix. Peat moss will hold sufficient water for the plant’s use, while perlite and orchid bark will help the draining process.

6. Repotting

Both Krimson Queen and Princess dislikes being repotted often, which is typical with all Hoya genus. Once they’re growing and have become comfortable on a place, they prefer being left alone on that spot.

Therefore, we recommend you repot them with at least, 3 years of interval. Although there some circumstances that will force you to repot the plants, such as diseases or fungal attacks.

If such a case arises, pay attention to the following reminders:

  • Do not repot on a large pot. Just increase your previous pot by one size
  • Ensure the pot has good drainage, you can also drill additional holes beneath if possible
  • Use well-draining potting mix
  • Avoid using old potting mix again

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hoyas like being repotted?

No, Hoyas prefer being pot bound and they will bloom better if you leave them be for a few years.

Do Hoyas like to be misted?

Yes, misting is fine for Hoyas to increase humidity, clean the leaves. However, do not water the plant too much as excess water can lead to root rot.

Do Hoyas like coffee grounds?

There are different varieties of Hoya plants, and some of them love acidic environments while others don’t. Hoya species that thrives in acidic habitat will like a few coffee grounds.

Do Hoyas need to climb?

Yes, Hoyas like to climb. They have spectacular flowers and waxy leaves, and some of them are vining plants that easily climb on a trellis to seek support.

Are Hoyas hard to care for?

Yes, Hoya plants are pretty much easy to care for. Just give them bright, indirect sunlight, humidity and slight watering, and they’re good.

What is the most common Hoya?

Hoya carnosa and Hoya carnosa variegata are the most common species of the Hoya plant, and they are also the one most often grown as houseplants.

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It’s not always easy to differentiate between Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess, you need to take a closer look at the plants for you to spot the differences.

As you can also see, they both also have a few interesting similarities, but you can choose any of them based on your preference.

Overall, choose Hoya Krimson Queen if faster growth is what you want as it grows much faster than Princess. But if you want something that requires less watering and maintenance, go for Hoya Krimson Princess.