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Philodendron Thai Sunrise Vs Golden Goddess

Philodendrons are flowering plants in the Araceae Family. They originated from the Caribbean, Colombia and Asia with very colorful foliage. Philodendron dates back to 1600, with over 400 species. And about 10 of them serve as houseplants. 

Besides their artistic significance, philodendrons have beautiful large leaves that some says symbolizes abundance. To others, philodendrons are symbols of affection.

These Elegant plants love to climb, and they are natural huggers. Philodendron Thai sunrise and golden goddess are some of the rarest philodendrons.

But what is the difference between philodendron Thai sunrise vs golden goddess? Well, one of the key differences between them is that philodendron Thai Sunrise has a distinct variegation, while philodendron golden goddess is not variegated.

What is Philodendron Thai Sunrise?

Philodendron Thai Sunrise is one of the rarest types of philodendron grown today. Its leaves grows up to 7–10 inches long – and the plant will often climb if given support.

Philodendron thai sunrise has beautiful yellow gold paddle-shaped leaves with some lime and dark green colors on its elegant large leaves. When you place your Thai sunrise plant close to bright light, it makes the leaves even more elegant and exotic. 

However, keep in mind that it is susceptible to sunlight, and you don’t want your plant to have a sunburn, so keep it away from sunlight. Still, this philodendron requires enough bright light or a curtain of filtered sunlight to bloom well. 

Thai sunrise is particular about bright light because its leaves may be smaller and less radiant without it.

It’s tolerant to shade, but if you want your philodendron to shine well, then you should place it in a bright light spot. Philodendrons grow well in a well-draining mix.

What is Philodendron Golden Goddess?

Also known as ‘Lemon-lime Philodendron,’ the golden goddess philodendron is a hybrid cultivated in Thailand; it is one of the most attractive houseplants you can grow.

When grown in good conditions, it brings out large beautiful leaves. The Golden goddess is enchanting with its buttery-yellow colored leaves. 

Some of its leaves have varying colors. They add a pop of color to your office, home, wherever you choose to place them; they are an excellent addition to your space.

To keep your golden goddess in shape, fertilize it in summer and then spring as well. Many people have complained about receiving the golden goddess after ordering Thai sunrise.

Philodendron Thai Sunrise Vs Golden Goddess

There are few differences between philodendron Thai sunrise vs golden goddess. The green leaves of Thai sunrise aren’t usually solid. The stems are pale orange color, which is not seen in the golden goddess.

Another notable difference between these philodendron species is that Philodendron Thai sunrise loves bright light, not direct sunlight but bright light, while golden goddess does better in the shade without sunlight.

Similarities Between Philodendron Thai sunrises and Golden Goddess

Philodendron Thai Sunrise Vs Golden Goddess

Philodendron golden goddess is as famous as Thai sunrise. They are fast-growing plants, a yellow-green cultivar and have brilliant foliage.

These two plants are so similar; many people say there are no differences between philodendron Thai sunrise Vs Golden Goddess; others say Golden Goddess is a sort of philodendron Thai sunrise.

Philodendron Thai sunrise and Golden goddess are climbers. Their foliages are green; when they fall to the ground while climbing, they begin to climb all over again.

Philodendron Thai sunrise and golden goddess both grow upward, wrapping their roots around tree trunks, fences and plants.

They derived its name from the Greek language: ‘Philo’ implying love and ‘dendron’ tree, put together it means tree hugger. These two philodendrons have long aerial roots. They are epiphytes.

They draw their nutrients from the air and not the soil in their early stage. They also draw nutrients from the host plants.

Philodendrons can be heart-shaped, oval or pear-shaped. The University of Florida opines Philodendrons exist in two groups, “vining types like the popular heart-leaf philodendron.

(P. hederaceum and hybrids, also referred to as self-heading, like elephant ear (P. domesticum) or lacy tree philodendron (P. bipinnatifidum), also called Salem or split-leaf philodendron”.

Philodendrons smile directly at you with their bold leaves. This flowering plant Propagates with no difficulty. It is easy to grow and appreciates a lighter shade of light.

Interestingly, this plant dislikes direct sunlight, unlike other plants. It is native to Central America and the Caribbean. Philodendrons are also easy to grow. You can propagate them by stem cuttings. 

How Do You Care For Them?

Philodendron Thai sunrise and golden goddess are beautiful when we take good care of them. You can trim your philodendron once in a while to keep it in great shape.

Philodendrons require basic care and don’t you moving them around, unlike other plants. Each spring, repot the plant as it gets bigger. 

These two philodendrons love warm environments, they easily respond to care, so if you’re a beginner, you can grow this plant comfortably.

Researchers have discovered that philodendrons have extrafloral nectaries, glands that secrete nectar to attract ants. 

Are They Toxic?

Thai sunrise and golden goddess philodendrons are toxic to your pets and humans. They contain a poisonous ingredient called calcium oxalate. If you or anyone ingests it, dial your emergency number to get some professional medical help.

Do you have any animals or pets around you? You want to keep them away from your philodendron as they are toxic to pets too.

Benefits of Philodendrons

NASA scientists, who were intent on understanding how plants purify the air, revealed that philodendrons not only add beauty to the environment, but they purify the air, keeping us safe from toxins.

Their vast leaves are perfect for trapping dust where you can wipe it effortlessly, keeping you safe.

Looking at these beautiful house plants make me want to place them wherever I find myself. If you are a beginner, have no fear.

These plants are also pretty easy to grow. In addition, philodendrons purify the air in the home. You should add this to your collection of lovely looking house plants.

Hopefully, you now know the key differences between philodendron Thai sunrise vs Golden Goddess.

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