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How Long Does It Take for Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Gnats?

How long does it take for diatomaceous earth to kill gnats? It will basically take diatomaceous earth a couple of days to kill gnats, but this really depends on a lot of factors, which we will discuss shortly.

Gnats are such annoying insects, black and tiny flies that are a plain nuisance by just flying around. You find them moving from the sink to the trash can or the potted plants on the balcony. They are exceedingly difficult to eradicate.

While the adult stage of this insect can contaminate food and make you uncomfortable, it is the larval stage that does a lot of harm to the potted plants because they feed on roots.

Normally, most people would use insecticides to kill these gnats, but entomologists advise against the constant use of insecticides because of their ability to contaminate the environment.

Hence the need to find an alternative that can handle the insects without causing harm to the environment. One of these alternatives is the use of diatomaceous earth (DE).

Can Diatomaceous Earth Kill Gnats?

Yes, diatomaceous earth is very effective in terms of killing gnats. First of all, we believe you already know what diatomaceous earth is. But if not, it’s the remains of freshwater phytoplankton and prehistoric algae. They comprise creatures with single cells known as diatoms.

As they die and pile on each other through the ages, their exoskeleton compresses and becomes sedimentary diatomite. You can find ribbons and large colonies of DE inside water bodies.

Miners mine DE and then crush it into a soft powder. On discovery, gun powder experts used it to make dynamite. Later on, it became one component of polishes and kinds of toothpaste.

Currently, large-scale farmers use DE to prevent their grains from caking during storage. It is also part of boat epoxy. In gardening, homeowners use diatomaceous earth to control insect pests.

How Long Does It Take for Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Gnats?

Can Diatomaceous Earth Kill Gnats

To put succinctly, it will take diatomaceous earth approximately 10 to 12 days to kill gnats. But the duration depends on a lot of factors like the amount of DE applied, the amount of moisture in the soil, and the humidity of the atmosphere.

Diatomaceous earth kills insects mechanically. When the gnats crawl across the earth, the tiny powder which is made of tiny, spiked cylinders gets through to the body of the insect.

This tears the body of the insects open and body fluids seep out. Again, because of the absorbent nature of the powder, it will soak fluid out of the body of the insect. This is not a fast method, but it is effective.

DE works on a wide variety of insects, from bed bugs to red or black ants and darling beetles. Constant application of diatomaceous earth will kill most household pests.

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How long does it take for diatomaceous earth to kill gnats? This can happen in a matter of days, but it depends on a lot of things as outlined above.

It is also important to note that DE can kill all insects whether or not they are beneficial to the plant.

A safe way would be to apply it along the routes where the destructive insects use. Remember, you should not water your plants if you intend to use diatomaceous earth. The less water, the better.

Rest assured that diatomaceous earth can safely get rid of gnats in your home and garden. the best part is that it is not toxic to pets.