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Is Fish Fertilizer Good for All Plants? (Read This First)

To date, we’ve come to find out that fish fertilizer is quite an uncommon name in the fertilizer industry. We’ve also discovered they’re one of the most under-used kinds of fertilizer in the industry.

Probably, most gardeners are scared of using it, but is fish fertilizer good for all plants?

Yes, fish fertilizer is suitable for all plants! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using fish fertilizer on your plants, and it is an excellent substitute for traditional fertilizer. It is made of potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen, sulfur, magnesium, and calcium, which helps plants to grow well.

What Is Fish Fertilizer?

Also known as fish emulsion, fish fertilizer is a liquid organic fertilizer. It is called fish fertilizer because it is made out of whole fish and fishing industry byproducts.

It is made up of an NPK mix, and the ratio is at 5:1:1. It offers a faster nitrogen boost and is used as a liquid foliar fertilizer in the organic garden.

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Fish emulsion is a good source of nutrients and proteins, amino acids and oils for plants. It has a high nitrogen content and is sold as a concentrated liquid fertilizer that you must dilute before use.

It features a typical fishy smell, though a deodorized version is currently in the industry. The feed will benefit leafy vegetables and fruits the most.

Is Fish Fertilizer Good for All Plants?

To put it simply, YES, it is. As we earlier mentioned, there’s nothing wrong with using fish fertilizer, as it is one of those highly nutritious plants that will help your plants grow well.

Is it good for all plants? As much as all plants require nutrients to aid their growth, fish fertilizer wouldn’t be out of the equation.

Fish fertilizer is such an excellent fertilizer that it can be a good substitute for any traditional fertilizer. It comprises potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen, and other essential nutrients that your plants can hunger for or thrive on if fed regularly: sulfur, magnesium, and calcium.

However, the only problem you will encounter with fish fertilizer is A.K.A fish emulsion is that it is costly compared to other kinds of fertilizers, but that only shows how valuable it is.

Even though it’s mainly uncommon, fish fertilizer is entirely ideal for any plant. Let’s look at some of the notable benefits of using fish fertilizer on your plants.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fish Fertilizer?

Is Fish Fertilizer Good for All Plants

Below are some of the benefits of using fish fertilizer on your plants:

1. Fish fertilizer provides the required nutrients that every plant needs for survival and successful growth

Some of the essential nutrients include potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and others like sodium, chlorine, sulfur, magnesium, and calcium, with all nutrients playing critical roles in any plant.

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2. Fish fertilizer is organic

Some of the fertilizers you purchase for a garden store are organic, while others are not. However, organic fertilizers like fish fertilizer use bone meal, compost, or manure as the base. Therefore, because the fish fertilizer is made from fish, it is organic.

3. Fish fertilizer provides additional microbes to the soil

Unlike other synthetic fertilizers, which release nutrients speedily, the fish fertilizer gradually breaks down its nutrients. In other words, fungi, earthworms, and bacteria present in the soil need first to digest what the fish fertilizer contains.

As it happens, it transports the nutrients to the roots, which benefits from them—also, additional microbes in the soil help keep your plants healthy. 

4. Fish fertilizer helps to give the soil good aeration

As much as the microbes in the soil are very active and mobile, the ground becomes shifted and loosened, leading to the formation of pockets of air, which allows the plant inside the pot to receive more oxygen.

It can lead to the rapid growth of the root, and the root formed will be stronger, thus providing a solid foundation for plant life.

5. Fish fertilizer helps to prevent fish waste

In other words, rather than consume the unsafe parts of your fish, it gives you a more viable option of repurposing it into fish fertilizer.

Most people dispose of it, and it’s left to accumulate in significant amounts, which is detrimental if it finds its way into the ocean.

6. Fish fertilizer is multipurpose

In other words, it has different uses other than being a plant fertilizer, namely; it is an ideal ingredient for a successful compost pile; it is used to make a foliar spray. It can also be used as a soil drench to chase pests and possible diseases.

How Do I Use Fish Fertilizer In the Garden?

Just as using fish fertilizer is good for your plants, so is its method of application easy. If you want to apply fish fertilizer to your plants, you must make a bottle of fish emulsion available, be it homemade or purchased, and a clean bucket, then you’re good to go.

For every one gallon of water, mix three tablespoons of the fish emulsion concentrate. Ensure that the more the gallons, the more the quantity of fertilizer you should use; that’s all.

You can feed berries, bulbs, perennials, shrubs, herbs, and outdoor container plants with your fish fertilizer.

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