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Is Compost Tea Effective? (Uses of Compost Tea)

Compost tea has always been of great use to farmers, but is compost tea effective? That is precisely what you’re going to find it shortly.

With the rapid and constant development in all sectors of agriculture, compost, artificial and other forms of fertilizer are finding their way into the farmer’s diary. Still, compost has been able to stand the test of time.

While a good number of people might be on the notion that compost tea is no longer useful; many farmers still use compost tea and have been achieving great striking results in their plant’s growth.

Is Compost Tea Effective?

Well, arguably a good number of people still make use of compost tea.

There are unique qualities that separate compost tea from other fertilizers. Compost tea contains a mixture of nutrients and bacteria that can protect plants. With its beneficial microorganisms, it also helps the root with organic supplements.

This reason alone makes compost tea special.

Another notable fact is that compost tea can serve as both fertilizer and a means of watering the plant. This saves you some time for yourself.

Compost tea has been of great help as many farmers can easily use them when compost seems hard to find.

So, why not?

It might prompt you to ask why people would still use compost tea. Shouldn’t they embrace development and subscribe to using fertilizer or the normal compost?

Compost Tea is effective for so many reasons:

  • Compost tea helps to enhance the growth of the plant. When applied to the plant it helps to suppress diseases.
  • It helps to improve the structure of the root system, so it tolerates stress.
  • Since compost tea is liquid, it reduces the use of water on plants.
  • Compost tea is effective because it helps to loosen clay, it improves the structure of the soil as it helps transform other compacted anaerobic soils into healthy soil.
  • Compost tea helps provide the plant with the nutrients for growth and organisms needed to protect the plant against disease.

You can learn how to make compost tea to get a better result but you have to whether it is passive tea or aerated tea you need for your plant

Why is Compost Tea Still in Use?

Why is Compost Tea Still in Use


Most people have gotten used to using compost tea.

It’s not a myth that people enjoy what they are comfortable with. Because they have found their way around making the best solutions for their plant, it’s not their fault if they find other materials not useful.

Inability to test other material

Some farmers even having other options at their disposal might lack the courage or skill to test them no matter how beneficial they seem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Compost Tea be Used in Place of Fertilizer?

Yes, compost tea can be substituted for fertilizer, because it contains great nutrients for plant growth.

Can Compost Tea Stand as a Threat to Plant?

The inability to have the same mixture of compost tea makes it harmful to the plant.

More so, compost tea that has been exposed in the open for days must have lost the oxygen and nutrients and so it stands a chance to contract pathogen and this poses a threat to the plant.

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Now that you know compost tea is effective and beneficial.

Other than its major disadvantages, which are irregular proportions, compost tea is just too good not to use. .

All you need is the right compost to get your plant growing well.

Hopefully, this guide answers your pressing desire to answer the question “is compost tea effective.”

Regardless, make the right choice for your plant!