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Best Expandable Garden Hose

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If you do not have enough money to install an irrigation system on your garden, lawn or yard, using a garden hose will be the best alternative. They are at least inexpensive compared to the former.

But what if you have a large yard, it’s going to require a lengthy hose and not everyone will like the idea of having long pipes running around their yard.

The best expandable garden hose will allow you to cover a large garden without littering the whole place with lengthy hoses.

Best Expandable Garden Hose

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What Is An Expandable Garden Hose?

The normal conventional garden hose you are used to is usually bulky and heavy. Using them can be stressful as you try to maneuver your way around the garden.

If you have used one before, you will notice that one of the major challenges with them is shrinking at some points.

When this happens, it interrupts the flow of water. But there is a way out, “expandable hose”.

So what is an expandable garden hose?

An expandable garden hose just as the name implies is a hose that expands up to three times its initial length only when water pressure is exerted within the hose.

When the water is out of the pipe, it returns to the original size. Expandable garden hose is flexible, non- kinking, self-draining, non-tangling, and non-twisting.

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Benefits of Expandable Garden Hose

Benefits of Expandable Garden Hose

What exactly do you stand to gain when you buy an expandable garden hose? The following are the benefits of having and using one.

It is not bulky

Everyone wants a moderately sized tool to work with. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also easy to store. If you have limited space in your garage, then you need an expandable hose that will only take up a small space for storage.


Moving a conventional garden hose around the garden can be heavy, especially when the water has gotten into it. Typically, an expandable garden hose is seen to be 5 times lighter than regular hoses.


The majority of standard hoses are made from rubberized fabric. These materials tend to easily tangle and twist over a short period. But expandable hose is made from materials that are resistant to these defects. Hence, they last longer.

It is self-draining

This is another important aspect of expandable garden hose. After use, you do not need to stress yourself by trying to drain off the water inside before storing it. It is self-draining.

Expandable Garden Hose Reviews

1. Flexi Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

GREEN MONSTAH - Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle Expandable Garden Hose, Lightweight & No-Kink Flexible Garden Hose, 3/4 inch Solid Brass Fittings and Double Latex Core, 50 ft Green
  • The Flexi Hose expandable garden hose automatically expands to the stated product length - roughly 3 times extension - with standard pressure when water is turned on and shortens to compact length when the water is turned off. Storing the Flexi Hose is a breeze!
  • Strong Fittings for Reliability! Solid 3/4 inch brass connectors ensure the expanding garden water pipe fits the typical outdoor garden taps in the US.
  • Expandable, Lightweight Construction without Sacrificing Quality! The 3750D elastic outer fabric with 4 layers of latex protects the inner tube effectively from thorns, punctures, and sharp corners.
  • Lightweight, yet durable for Heavy Duty Use! Every Flexi Hose is endurance-tested to 2000 uses and can withstand water pressures up to 12 Bar and temperatures between 41 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The included 8-pattern rotating hose spray nozzle is constructed out of durable ABS and features an ergonomic, slip-resistant rubberized handle for comfort

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This is the most common expandable garden hose used by a lot of garden owners. It is lightweight because it is made from lightweight materials. The material is durable. It measures 50 ft which is long enough to use in a small home garden.

It is made with a double latex pipe which helps to avoid the issues of leakage experienced by those cheap ones. With this doubled walled pipe, it is sure to withstand up to 12 BARS of water pressure and 113℉ heated water. This makes it versatile for other purposes other than garden watering.

The original length is only 17 ft which expands up to 3 times when filled with water.

Included with this expandable garden hose is an 8 spray pattern nozzle. By rotating the nozzle head, you can change the pattern to make it suitable for spraying the garden, washing cars, or cleaning your pet.

The nozzle is made from durable zinc alloy and has an impressive design that features an ergonomic rubber handle. The manufacturer is so confident of their product, and they have a lifetime replacement guarantee on it.

  • Designed with shut-off valve
  • Comes with a free 8-pattern spray nozzle
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Durability will never match a “normal” hose
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2. Zalotte Expandable Garden Hose

Zalotte Expandable Garden Hose with 9 Function Nozzle, Leakproof Lightweight Expanding Garden Water Hose with Solid Brass Fittings, Extra Strength 3750D Durable Gardening Flexible Hose Pipe(25ft)
  • Expand 9ft to 25ft Magically. When water pressure is on, the garden hose can extend up to about 3 times of its original length(extending from 9 ft to 25 ft). when shutting off, it can automatically contract. It will never angle twist or kink and can be stored easily. Note: If you find this hose does not extend to 25 ft, please kindly make sure whether the faucet is at full blast.
  • 9 Functions Spray Nozzle. Compared to most 8 pattern hose nozzle, our water nozzle with 9 pattern for more choices. The sprayer boasts no slip and comfortable grip and rotating bezel. Its 9 spray patterns include: Full, Flat, Shower, Cone, Jet, Soaker, Angle, Mist and Center. Great for house car floor yard washing, garden watering, pet cleaning, having fun or business use.
  • Durable and Lightweight Water Hose. This expanding garden hose has superior quality brass connectors and shut-off valves, which give excellent corrosion resistance and no rusting. The super strong garden hose can withstand up to 12 bars of water pressure and temperatures up to 113 Fahrenheit. The flexible garden hose is lightweight, you can take the shrink hose anywhere you need.
  • No More Leaks Garden Hose. Heavy duty hose with durable 3 Layers Latex core and Solid brass fittings, which can withstand water pressure up to 12 Bar. No more worries about leaks, tear or cracks. The compact hose is for long term use.
  • Super Easy to Use and Store. Retractable, lightweight, highly portable, flexible hose, simple way to save your storage space. Just drain water from the hose when not in use, store out of direct sun. Plus, you also have a water hose hanger, This is designed to hold the water pipe.

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If you have a small garden, you may not require an expendable hose that will be too long to handle. So we have included a medium size hose that can expend up to 25 ft.

The original length is only 9 ft and can expand 3 times this length when pressurized with water. We love the durability. You can use it for years, and it will never tangle twist or kink.

Of course, for a small hose as this, you’d expect it to be extremely lightweight. Put it in the trunk of your car and carry it anywhere. It has quality brass connectors and shut-off valves that will not rust or corrode.

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With the ability to withstand up to12 BARS of water pressure and up to 113 Fahrenheit temperature, you can never be wrong with this product.

We also love the fact that the nozzle features a 9 spraying pattern which makes it the best fit for a variety of jobs. With a 3-layers latex core, you don’t need to worry about leaks, tear, or cracks.

  • 3-layers latex core for durability
  • It is lightweight
  • 9 spraying pattern from the nozzle
  • It is made with high-strength polyester fabric cover
  • Despite the great 9 pattern nozzle, it appears cheaply made
  • Only 30 days warranty
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3. GrowGreen Expandable Garden Hose

GrowGreen Expandable Garden Hose with High Pressure Hose Spray Nozzle, All Brass Connectors, Leak Proof, Heavy Duty Material
  • Space Efficient Garden Hose: This water hose starts out very short and expands up to 3 times its size when under standard water pressure, but returns in seconds to its original compact length after the water is out.
  • A Garden Hose Designed To Improve Your Gardening Experience: The GrowGreen expandable garden hose will never tangle, twist, or kink. This Flexible Garden Hose is compact and easy to store away.
  • Hose Spray Nozzle Included: The GrowGreen Garden Hose includes our 8 pattern, high pressure hose spray nozzle. Made with all brass connectors, excellent corrosion resistance and durable quality.
  • Expandable Garden Hose With High Pressure-Resistant Durable Latex: Normal operating water pressure 43.5-87PSI/3-6Bar, our water hose can safely operate with water pressure up to 145PSI/10Bar.
  • Solid Brass Connectors- Each garden hose is equipped with a solid brass connector to ensure a secure fit with your standard spigot. No more leaks, ruptures or water waste.

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Just like the usual expandable garden hose, this one is small but flexible to expand up to 3 times its initial size when water is passed through it. It expands up to 25 ft.

Using this hose gives you rest of mind because with its special design, the hose will never tangle, twist, or kink. It can conveniently operate underwater pressure up to 10 bars.

The nozzle is another special feature to look out for when buying a water hose. This one happens to do a great job as it offers 8 spray patterns. The nozzle is made with brass connectors which are highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

The GrowGreen expandable garden hose provides for easy storage. It shrinks back to its original length afterwards. This hose has got all you will need from an expandable garden hose. The company also put a lifetime warranty on the product. So you are buying risk-free.

  • It is high-pressure resistant
  • The connectors are resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Easy roll-up and storage
  • 8 spray pattern on the nozzle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Appears too lightweight to handle
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4. Aterod 75 feet Expandable Hose For Garden

Aterod 75 feet Expandable Garden Hose, Extra Strength Fabric, Flexible Expanding Water Hose with 9 Function Spray Nozzle
  • Amazing durability, lightweight hoses.
  • Solid brass connectors.
  • 9 functional nozzle.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • 75 feet Expandable Garden Hose, Extra Strength Fabric, Flexible Expanding Water Hose.

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This hose measures 25ft and expands up to 75 feet when pressurized with water. So if you have a spacious garden, then this will be a good choice for you.

The double latex pipe ensures durability. You can use this hose on rough terrain where scratches maybe experience. The hose is covered with polyester fabric that gives it more flexibility.

This hose can withstand water pressure between 3-12 Bar and a temperature of 113 Fahrenheit.

The nozzle is another excellent part to check out. It features a non-slip and comfortable grip with 9 spray patterns. This hose is versatile. You can use it for different projects such as yard washing, garden watering, pet cleaning, etc.

The hose is easily retractable when the water is out, and it is portable and lightweight. These features make it easy to use and store.

When using this hose, it is recommended to allow moderate pressure from the faucet otherwise; small pressure may not provide full expansion for the 75 ft length.

  • 9-patterns spray nozzle
  • Made from high-quality leak-proof materials
  • It offers large coverage
  • It is versatile
  • Lightweight expandable hose
  • The hose looks fragile
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5. EasyJoy 50FT Expandable Garden Hose

EasyJoy Expandable Garden Hose - Super Strong 3750D Fabric - 4-Layers Flex Strong Latex – Your Best Choice for Watering and Washing (Without Sprayer) (50FT)
  • 【THE STRONG 3750D FABRIC AND 4-LAYER LATEX】 We have developed this hose using the high-quality materials to avoid most problems: This Garden Hose is extremely functional, lightweight and flexible, in addition this Expandable Flexible Garden Hose will never kink, burst or become tangled. When you turn on the tap, this Garden Hose can expands from 17 to 50 feet in length.
  • 【ANTI-LEAK SYSTEM WITH PROTECTORS】 The innovative design of this water hose comes with advanced connector protectors, which ensures perfectly solve the leak problems of plastic connectors. EasyJoy Expandable Garden Hose also comes equipped with brass switch valves, so it’s easy for you to shut off the water without turning off the tap. Our Garden Hoses' brass connectors are in line with all American standards.
  • 【LONG-TERM USE FLEXIBLE GARDEN HOSE】 This garden hose is made from a flexible material, making it extremely easy to use and adapt it to your needs. It can withstand water pressure 3-12 Bar and temperature 41℉-113℉. This flexible garden hose for long-term use. You don't have to worry about the water pipes being broken by the pressure of the water even in winter.
  • 【MULTIPURPOSE GARDEN HOSE】This Expandable Garden Hose can suitable for all of your outdoor watering needs. The Expandable Garden Hose can water your lawn, clean your yard, wash your car and even shower your pets. The Garden Hose make your life easier.
  • 【INCREDIBLE EXPANDING DESIGN】Our flexible garden hose expands from 17 feet to 50 feet length. This garden hose can expand 3 times to its original hose length when water pressure is on, and shrinks to original pipe length in minutes when it’s off. 50ft long can cover your whole garden, you can make the watering simple and efficient. We have strong confidence on our flexible garden hose, we offer premium quality and the best service for you.

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This is one of the best expandable garden hoses in the market, and it is inexpensive. It expands from its original size of 17 ft to 50 ft when there is water pressure.

This hose is made using durable materials. It is made with 3750D fabrics and 4-layer latex. This makes it more durable than others made with 2 – 3 layers.

With a majority of the expandable garden hose having leakage problem, the EasyJoy hose comes with advanced connector protectors; this advance design perfectly solves the leak problems of plastic connectors.

The materials contribute to its flexibility. It is easy to use and will serve you for all purposes and all-weather. It is strong enough to withstand water pressure and temperature of 12 Bar and 113℉, respectively.

With this hose, you can water your garden/lawn, wash your car, shower your pets, and clean your yard.

  • Anti-leak and rust-resistant brass connector
  • Great expansion and contraction
  • Multipurpose garden hose
  • 4-layer latex hose increases durability
  • Can be stored easily
  • May not expand up to the 50 ft as claimed
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Best Expandable Hose 100ft

6. lifecolor 100FT Expandable Garden Hose

100FT Expandable Garden Hose, Lightweight Expanding Water Hose with Double Latex Core, 3/4 Solid Brass Connector and Extra Strength Fabric with 8 Zinc Function Nozzle
  • Anti-Leak Garden Hose: Latest double latex core and 3300 denier high-density woven casing; Solid 3/4 Inches brass connector. The Expanding Hose That You Will Actually Easy to Use Under USA Standard Water Pressure.
  • Lightweight & Flexible: This expandable water hose starts our from 33 Feet, when the water is turned on the hose quickly expands up to 3 times in length (100 Feet) with the water pressure (3-12 Bar). Just make sure there is enough water pressure. Temperature 41℉-113℉can keep this garden hose for long-term use.
  • Free 9 Pattern Spray Nozzle: You will receive a very convenient 9-pattern metal nozzle that will have the opportunity to be used for many different home purposes. Give your garden watering, car washing, give your pet a cool shower, or clean your outdoor windows in the easiest way!
  • Easily Storage: Comes with a free storage bag, just drain water from the hose when not in use, STORE OUT OF DIRET SUN(Kindly tips!). Save lots of your space. Besides that, the water hose in the bag can serve as a perfect gifts for all gardeners.
  • Satisfaction Customer Service:12 month replacement service satisfaction. Please feel free to CONTACT US if you have any problems, and we will always be there to help you.

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A longer hose will offer you larger coverage for your garden, especially if you have a large garden. The original length of the hose is 33 ft.

When the water is turned on, the hose can expand up to 100 ft. However, you may need to have sufficient pressure from the water to expand to this length. This can be done by ensuring that the tap is opened to its maximum.

With a double latex core, it is resistant to leakage, wear, and tear. This hose will not kink, burst, or become tangled.

It comes with a 9-pattern metal nozzle that can be adjusted to fit different purposes. It also comes with a free storage bag that also keeps it protected when not in use.

This hose is lightweight and contracts to a small piece that will not take up much space in the garage. With a 12 months warranty on this, you are covered with a risk-free purchase.

  • 9-pattern metal nozzle for versatility
  • 12 months product warranty
  • Save lots of your space on storage
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Won’t expand to full length without enough pressure
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7. Nifty Grower 100ft Garden Hose

Nifty Grower Expandable Garden Hose 100 ft - Expandable Water Hose 100ft w/ Double Latex Core, Solid Brass Fittings - Flexible Garden Hose - Gardening Gifts for Men and Women
  • NIFTY GROWER HOSES EXPANDABLE 100 FT make wonderful gardening gifts that can be used by everyone for multiple purposes - garden watering, pet cleaning or washing your car/yard. Get things done with just one pocket hose.
  • EXPANDING WATER HOSE 100ft for yard and garden. Very flexible expandable hose up to 3 times in length. Just right for reaching your entire property with just one 100 ft garden hose.
  • SUPER DURABLE DOUBLE LATEX inside is very strong. The outside is tough 3750D Polyester fabric. This expandable garden hose 100 ft won't crack, break, split or crush under normal conditions. You can count on great service from this 100ft garden hose.
  • BONUS COVER is great for storing this premium quality flexible garden hose during the off season. Also helpful for transporting the hose. We include 4 rubber gaskets so you get a secure no-leak connection every time. These won't rust or corrode.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT making it easy to carry or drag from one part of your yard to the next. When not in use, the retractable garden hose contracts to 1/3 its in-use maximum length. Very convenient to curl and store out of the way.

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This 100ft is an excellent choice for a gardener with a large garden who wants to cover all the areas without having to join pipes or hose together.

Typically, the lengthier the hose, the heavier it becomes. But the Nifty Grower hose despite its length when pressurized is still lightweight.

The core is made from a double latex layer which contributes to the durability and toughness. Also, the shell is made with strong polyester fabric that holds and protects the core during expansion and contraction.

The durable brass fittings are not also left out. This makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. You can use this hose for many seasons without needing to replace it soon.

It will give you water pressure resistant of up to 12 bar. With an original length of 34 ft, this hose can expand up to 3 times reaching 100 ft.

The Nifty Grower comes with a bag that makes transport and storage easy. It contracts to its original length in minutes after use and ready for storage.

  • 100ft maximum extension
  • Durable and resistant solid brass fittings
  • Tough double latex core helps prevent leaks and tears
  • Polyester fabric shell for added strength
  • High-quality storage bag included
  • It lowers the original faucet water pressure
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What to Consider When Buying Garden Expandable Hose | Buyer’s Guide

Best Expandable Garden Hose

Hose Fittings

Usually, hose fittings are either made with aluminum, brass, or plastic. But brass fittings are mostly used for expandable hoses. The good thing about brass is that it is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. When though it still gets rust after a while, it doesn’t easily damage the fitting.

If you intend to buy an expandable hose, always make sure to either go for one that has a brass or aluminum fittings. They are more durable.

On the other hand, plastic fittings are usually super lightweight, but they are not durable. However plastic fittings are now being phased out on expandable hoses.

Hose Sizes

There are 3 different sizes of hose you will find available for expandable hoses. They are either 25 ft, 50 ft or 100 ft. depending on the size of your garden, you want to buy one that fits the size.

If you buy a 100 ft hose for a small yard that only requires a 25 ft hose, you are going to have issues with managing the length when it fully expands.

If you have a large garden, then you may want to go for a 50 ft or 100 ft expandable garden hose. While some persons have 2 short hoses joined together to achieve the desired length, it is better to buy a single one that can cover the yard.

Have it in mind that some expandable hoses do not expand to the claimed length. So when considering the length of an expandable hose, it is essential to also consider the responsiveness of expansion to the water pressure.

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Number of Cores

The durability and longevity of an expandable hose is dependent on the number of core. Latex expandable hoses have layered cores. They can either be double or three layers most times.

We will not be able to tell which will be better for you. It depends on what you need.

Double layered cores are more flexible and lightweight compared to three-layer cores. Three-layer cores give more durability and strength to the hose. It also makes it resistant to wear and tear. Unfortunately, it is heavier than double-layer cores.

So you will have to choose between lightweight with less durability and heavier hose with resistance to wear and tear.

The spray nozzle

If you do not want to spend separate money to buy a spray nozzle of your choice, then it is economical to buy a hose that comes with a nozzle for your need.

Expandable hose nozzle comes with the ability to spray different patterns. This is important when watering your garden. You can choose to spray with a wide pattern or change to jet-spray to reach far areas.

The good thing is that a majority of the expandable hoses today come with a nozzle that can spray up to 8 different patterns. This is also useful for other purposes other than garden irrigation.

Types Of Expandable Hose Materials

Expandable Garden Hose reviews

There were a lot of complaints about the first sets of expandable hoses that were manufactured by different brands. The most reason being the durability.

They do not last. After using for a short period, it gets leakages or loses its elasticity which is responsible for contraction and expansion.

When it comes to durability, the core material matters a lot. But with the advancement in the industries, more durable expandable hoses are now being manufactured.

Thanks to the improvement of the materials used. The following are the various materials used in the design for expandable hoses.

TPC Core

TPC stands for Thermoplastic copolyester. It is one material that is commonly used in the manufacturer of expandable hose, TPC is resistant to temperature. They are the material also used for making industrial tubing.

TPCs are durable such that even a single layer will be considered quite durable. They will be able to last the same amount of time as those with latex. However, TPCs are not often used compared to latex material.

Latex Core

This is the standard material you will find on most of the expandable hoses. Latex, a natural rubber material, and it is used for a variety of tools and products such as gloves.

One of the major characteristics that make it useful in the manufacturing of expandable hose is the elasticity. It stretches and contracts.

Double or multiple layers of latex are used for the interior of most expandable garden hoses. This allows it to easily expand and contract without leaks. They are known to be as durable as TPCs.

Nylon Shell

The above two materials are used for the interior lining of the hose. You cannot leave a latex material, or TPC exposed. It needs to be covered; otherwise, when exposed to the sun, it can damage it.

Also, even though they may be resistant to wear and tear, exposure to the ground and other elements presents a risk of puncture.

Nylon shell is the recommended industry standard for the outer shell fabric. Apart from the protection of the inner core, nylon shell also helps prevent mildew or other mold issues that may result from improper shedding off of the water.

How Does an Expandable Hose Work?

We have already established the fact that an expandable hose is made from 2 layers. The inner latex layer core and the outer nylon protective layer.

Latex can expand in length up to 3 times its initial size when pressurized with water.

One end of the hose is fitted to the faucet while the other end is fitted to the sprayer head. When the faucet is open, water starts to flow into the hose, and it gets filled up with water.

When the spray head is locked, the water fills up the hose, and it starts to expand to the claimed length.

For some hose, there will be a little contraction once the spray head is opened. This is because the pressure tends to drop as water is forced out through the head.

After usage, the hose contracts to its initial size in a few minutes after the water is drained from the hose.

How to Fix an Expandable Hose With Leaks

So your flexible garden hose unexpectedly gets punctured. What do you do? It has been often said that flexible hoses are not easily reparable, unlike the standard rubber hoses. For a rubber hose, you can easily patch it up.

Well, the truth is that expandable hose can also be repaired when punctured or damaged using simple tools.

There are two types of leaks experienced with expandable hoses. The first one occurs close to the fittings. The second one occurs in the middle of your hose.

Repairing leaks close the fittings is a simple task. With a pair of wire cutters and a pair of pliers, you can fix this. With the cutter, carefully cut off about 2 inches of the tube. Then connect the new end back to the fitting, and your hose should be back.

The second one that occurs in the middle of your hose will require more effort to fix it. For this, you will need an extra connector.

There are several flexible hose repair kits you can find online for a few bucks. The kit will have everything you will require to repair your hose.

Clamp the hose tightly in such a way that it will not contract. Then with a pair of cutter, cut the tube into two at the spot it got punctured.

Connect the two ends of the hose using one of the fittings from the repair kit, and you have gotten back your expandable hose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do expandable garden hoses last?

They have always been an argument about the longevity and durability of expandable garden hose. Indeed, a majority of them do not last. But the best expandable garden hose will be able to last a long period before needing to replace it.

Can you repair an expandable garden hose?

If you bought a cheaply made one, the chances are that you may not be able to repair them when punctured. But for the quality expandable garden hoses like the ones reviewed here, you should be able to fix them with connectors using the guide we have in the previous section.

Can you connect 2 expandable hoses?

So if you have two expandable hoses and you intend to connect them for a larger coverage, it is possible. If your hoses have push-in connectors, you will need a push-in adapter that has a threaded female to connect both.

How much pressure can a garden hose take?

The truth is said that regular garden hose made from rubber are designed to withstand high pressure up to 500 Psi (34 bar). For an expandable garden hose, the water pressure should not exceed 200 psi (13 bar).

Are expandable garden hoses worth it?

Of course, they are worth it. First, they are cheaper than the average garden hoses. Secondly, most manufacturers have stepped up their games by producing expandable garden hoses with durable materials.

You are sure not to experience kinking, tangling, and twisting when using normal garden hoses.

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Expandable garden hoses are becoming more popular and soon becoming the best preferred for garden and other domestic uses. We know that they will certainly not roll off the normal rubber hose completely.

So that is all we have got on the best expandable garden hose. Have you had any experience using one of these recommended products on this page?

Or maybe you have used any other one that has proven to be worthy. Let us know, and we may be delighted to test them and add them to our list.